Park spawns need to be improved dramatically

I had this very thought yesterday as I was in 2 large parks in Vancouver, Wa. The only way I can get dinos to spawn in the park is using a rare scent.

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Spawns in general are bad 1.5 started the trend add in hybrid pursuits and daily migrations that really dilute the spawn pools.

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I think it’s just that the park spawns happen to be those you don’t want maybe ?

If they increase the number of types of spawning creatures in park, it actually reduces the chance to find the specific creatures you want.

If you mean increasing the spawning rate…then I think yes, and it should be applied to the global environment.

How many times have you been to a park though and it be completely devoid of life???

I have a couple around me and NOTHING spawns

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Not all parks are created equal. I hunt L4 parks and there are 12 right in my neighborhood. Two are excellent hunting, lots of park spawns and proximity spawn points. 4 are not even worth visiting as nothing spawns there. A few event drops is all. Several have one, may two spawns in them but still not even worth my time to go check them.

Both the excellent hunting ones are smaller ones. 200’ x 800’ (60m x 244m). The large National Parks are horrible. I might hit them for a few event dino, but not worth looking for anything else. They might get some actual park spawns but way off and not worth the foot travel.

I have visited one large state park and walked around. Lots of drops but sparse spawns. Certainly not worth spending a day trying to hunt. One park I use for missions when spinning and darts are needed as I can drive slow and stop anywhere in it. Several event drops to find creatures to throw darts at but very few actual ‘park spawns’. I actually have better luck driving the neighborhoods around it than in it.

The parks are in a rural neighborhood, nothing special, just residential housing around them. No business or anything like that. The large parks are around the neighborhoods and hundreds of acres each. I sympathize with folks who travel to visit a large park, use scents and get nothing, it happens. If you have other “park” identified areas near you, go check them all, especially the smaller ones. Bigger is not necessarily better.

Quite the opposite. I need quetza and Sarco. There usually is only 1 or mine in the whole park. the daily migration should have no bearing on the park spawn right?

Quetza and Sarco spawn mostly in the evenings and mornings, not worth hunting during the day. I could not say what the night spawns are like. I know the spawn guide says anytime, but this is what I find in my parks I hunt daily.


I see. Ya then it’s the problem of spawn rate, they should be increased. And the fact that we could get zone spawn in a park also already dilute the spawn pool. Maybe they should reduce the spawn % of zone spawn in the park.

As far as I know park are treated like a 5th local but not the fabled local 5. They can spawn both park and global spawns and also daily and weekly dinos. Which is kinda dumb… parks should spawn park only spawns and that its… we can get our fill of global and daily and weekly elsewhere when we go to parks we should get park exclusives.

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I will agree on this. Parks can spawn absolutely anything from any local. These would be the ‘occasional’ out of local spawns we see sometimes. It is a very dilute pool to go searching for specific creatures in. The chances of capturing a specific ‘park only’ spawn is very low. With the daily rotation, parks are filled with more of that particular day’s spawn and cut down on the amount of actual park only spawns.