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Park Spawns rework (no parks? no problem!)


My suggestion takes into account both the complaints about lack of green areas on some places and the complaints about lack of diversity on the regular spawns.

What I would suggest is that all park-exclusive dinosaurs be redistributed between the local/global spawns, and park areas become a mix of area-specific dinosaurs. The park spawn list would be changed periodically, and would consist of species from the 4 main local areas (a common from area 1 and area 3, a rare from area 2, and so on).

This way, people that live in “parkless” areas won’t be completely missing any dinosaurs, since they will be avaliable in the regular areas, and people that have acess to parks may find them interesting to explore, to either get dinosaurs not from their area or get extra dna for specific hybrids.

I would love to hear what you folks think about this!


I would be happy if the park areas disappeared. In the town where I live there is none and the nearest one is four km away. In the town that I go on weekends I find some but they are usually private areas (campsites or paid parks). The park areas I find here are so small (50 meters long) that I can not open capsules there because if I stay in the park the system does not detect my movement and gives me only one creature at a time. Finally, it is giving too much advantage to those who live near a park with respect to those who live far away from it.

Your suggestion, at least, would be to improve this circumstance.


Totally agree and well said :blush: I also wish the dinos that are supposedly at banks, lawyers, schools, etc were revamped as well. Small town establishments somehow don’t meet the requirements and there are zero spawns.


I think that park spawns give an unfair advantage to people who have access to parks and should be canceled. I also feel that L1/L2 players have an unfair advantage over L3/L4 players and believe that spawn zones should be rotated regularly, let’s say once a month, giving all players a fair opportunity to dart required dinos and improve their teams. I have dropped VIP membership and will not be putting another penny into the game, until these issues are addressed…

EDIT: If Ludia wants to increase revenue, they can do so by selling attractive merchandise at affordable prices, rather than nerfing spawns to force people into buying worthless incubators and scent capsules…


That is partially true as well, but the creatures that are seen in the premises (restaurants, hairdressers, etc.) are also always seen in another place (zone 1, 2 3 or 4). The advantage in this case is not very big. On the other hand, park creatures can not be seen in any area, so someone who played only in my village would not have seen a Stegosauro for more than a month.

One issue that I would also like to comment on is that of the diurnal / nocturnal creatures. I usually walk two or three hours after work but in winter this is almost night. On the other hand, I take a train before going to work … but it’s also night. Therefore, from Monday to Friday I only have 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon to try to catch diurnal creatures that I need. The rest of the time I play in “night” mode and I always find the same creatures. Luckily, the velociraptors and the tarbosauro are useful!


I live in a crowded area on the urban/suburban border, with three car repair shops within two miles of my house. Have never seen an anky or several other of the supposed nest spawns around.

I absolutely see that small town and rural areas are at a disadvantage in this game, however the spawn mech seems broken everywhere.


It is not easy to see the epic of the “shops” but I usually see an Euplocephalus next to a car repair shop near my work. Other times I see an “Anky Gen 2” and very rarely a Nodosauro there. I do not remember seeing the other five theorists “inhabitants” there, but it is proof that the “nest” exists.

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Im pretty rural and the pnly anky i have ever caight in the wild both came from car repair shops… i do have one by my house though that does not seem to spawn nests


Depends if Google Maps has it classified correctly

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I would add that increase the #of locales from 4 to X, to prevent spawns are filled with redundant garbage.


I don’t mind them existing, since it fits the whole “going out to catch some dinos” thing, but I don’t want those that don’t live near one to be at such disadvantage (I live near two, so for me it’s more about being fair to other players)

Definitely agree with this, although I wouldn’t want them to change too quickly to give time for people to figure out what spawns in which zone.


While i do agree with the suggestions about redoing and allowing park spawns to happen elsewhere, i dont really want parks to be removed altogether. I personally think parks add a nice green colour to parts of the map, even if they were changed to not really help with the game. I also understand that some people dont have parks, preventing them from getting certain dinos. I think ludia could perhaps make the park spawns available elsewhere, but maybe add a few dinos (that can be found elsewhere) in parks for people specifically looking for that dinos dna, and ofc rotate the spawns there as well.


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Ludia. Please delete all park spawn. Not that im too lazy to exercise, if that is your main intention. Just that not everybody in this world has Park advantage in their map. If u can make some sense.

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Yes, I totally agree with redistributing park exclusive dinos to the locals, but not to deleting parks from the game, since many people seem to enjoy them. My problem, as other players have mentioned as well is the complete absence of green areas/parks on the map of my city, so it would be more fair for us that don’t have those if Ludia redistributed the park dinos.

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