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Park stop options


I know this is weird, and will probably never happen, but Friday night I found myself with my family at a resort (Great Wolf Lodge) that my mother in law does for the kids and grandkids every year. We were there from early Friday to late Saturday, my problem was there were 3 stops at the resort, but none of them were park stops and none were in range, so I ended up about 12/24 on my rare dinos. My suggestion is to add an ability for players to change a stop to a park stop for a day. If there are a groups of stops around and no park in the area then I think it isn’t too much, maybe coding, to ask that we be able to click one and tap on Park or something and it change for 24 hours or until reset. Imagine how many dinos people miss out on because they can’t leave their house for whatever reason and there are no park stops nearby. Having that ability would be amazing. Just a suggestion I was thinking about while swimming . Plus I also think we need mass fusion! And VIP needs a little more for the price, maybe allow stops to be spun and strikes to work if it’s inside your circle at all, not just close circle. Ooh and maybe a double XP or DNA event!


That could make things interesting…

the double DNA even would be great and most welcomed!

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