Park stops


With the last update, you removed a lot of park stops in my city. I only have 2 near my house and now with the strike event you replaced those 2 with strike events. How am I suppose to get Blue if I don’t have park stops near me? I will not walk 10 km to get it and wait for it 2 hours to respam.


You wont get blue simple as that :roll_eyes: i feel you cus i have the same problem (10km the nearby park with 1 supply drop) event supply drops only on parks is a huge design fail and huge disadvantage to us who lives in small villages


The park stops are actually decided by some mapping company. All Ludia can do is put a request in with that company to change where spots show up.


I am also in the same boat. Shame, I was so looking forward to finally getting Blue to complete my raptor squad. My question is why doesn’t the strike events treat the Special Event drops differently? One would assume they are coded differently based on how they function spawn wise. A simple check to determine the type of SD at a given location shouldn’t be that hard to implement one would think.


I have 3 green areas within a half mile of me. The closest one has one, the next closest has 3 and the school playground area has 5.

I live next to a river and there are event places all up and down the river with bike paths on both sides. If I get on my bike, I can get the whole 1 to 3 days worth of tries all at once.