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Park supply drop issues


So, from where exactly do the team get the idea which area should be park (green) and which shouldnt? This square right here with the size bigger than a tennis field is ‘not a park’…

Even if at the start of June it was, then they nerfed it to 2-3 park supply drops (I can live with that). Then yesterday they FINALLY add back two green drops, then now all 5 ARE GONE.

Not only that but this is marked as green area and where you see the Allosaurus it is gone as well. That was a green supply drop as well.

But then this circle tiny ridiculous area is apparently a ‘park’ despite being a PLAYGROUND with literally 6 trees.

This needs to be changed, looked upon, or player advice need to be taken into account because there clearly is no sensible algorythym in it, that a giant park is not a park and so a big green area marked by the game itself isn’t either, but a tiny PLAYGROUND in the middle of a hill in nowhere is.

Also, Google images to back up my claims.

The playground:

The green area recognised by the game:

A Park so big it could be Isla Peña from JW Evolution:


Hey Ravensaurus, they are based on information supplied by an external provider but contact our support team with the location of your park, and they’ll see what they can do. Reach out to our team here at with your support key and the following information:

  • The country the park is located in
  • City, town, or neighbourhood the park is located in
  • Longitude and Latitude coordinates of the park
  • Park name