Park Supply drops on Police HQ grounds

Hullo Support,

I have reported this a number of times within the app, but I have heard nothing and the supply drops still remain.

There are at least 3 (green) park supply drops which are located on the police headquarters and therefore totally inaccessible to the public (I’ve only sneaked around one of them once) and they really need to be moved. I’ve suggested that they be moved a short distance near to public roads, but feel like my requests are falling on deaf ears. Is there any point reporting POI in inaccessible locations if nothing happens?

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All request are investigated, and if the team finds them vaild (not to imply your’s isn’t) are addressed as quickly as possible. The process can take awhile and in some cases may require an update to the maps or games before they are reflected in-game.

Really? Who cares! Just ignore them or let the police officers use them before and after work. Nothing improves for you when they get deleted.


OK, I understand that my particular request on the face of it doesn’t seem that serious, and I’m probably the only person in my town (or maybe county) which plays JWA. But I thought that Ludia would treat important things more urgently when their game is potentially causing people to trespass on civil authorities (i.e. Police) private land for months - and someone’s actually taken the time to bother to report it (twice). But hey ho, I’ll wait till the next update (1.5) and see if they’ve heard me at all - an email to acknowledge receipt of the report (like Niantic does with Ingress) would be very helpful and give a point of reference instead of seemingly disappearing into the ether.

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Meh, I’ve reported drops that are where I work: In an industrial complex with large, dangerous heavy equipment running around. They are on private property, with a residential zone located nearby that has no drops. They’re still here and looks like they aren’t going anywhere. They do provide me with strike events, so there’s that for lunch break.
Meh. The drops are actually right on the private road the loaders and forklifts run, carrying tons of metal. Reporting drops is useless, in my humble opinion.

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@LUDIA Your reporting tool just isn’t good enough - you are putting peoples lives at risk by not actioning players reports (especially when they’ve actually bothered to report these things by using your clunky/non-responsive reporting tool, or is there another method we can use?
Please sort this before someone dies or gets arrested!

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Indeed, the first few times I reported it, the report tool glitched. I kid you not,

Hopefully they don’t auto remove SD based on one report… It would easily lead to abuse.

And remember when you say you risk to get arrested or whatever : the game doesn’t substitute to real life limitation about trespassing and laws. If you fail to understand this you have a more serious problem than just removing a SD.

If you are dumb enough to break into PoliceHQ because there are some Drops that are also accessible anywhere else you deserve to be arrested. This “problem” is completly unimportant. Just ignore those Drops.

The game doesn’t make you trespass. You have to make the decision yourself to trespass.

Trespasser :smiley: let’s see how many of you get the reference :smiley: