Park supply drops reduced?


The park I walk to in order to get the event dinos lost 1 of its 3 supply drops sometime between 10:00 and 3:00. Only noticed as I was able to go for the event dino 3 times earlier and when I returned this afternoon only 2 spots were there. Were the park supply drops reduced overall?



Yeh in other words
They are not making enough money and want to try and force you to spend on darts


I’ve got 4 new SD around my block and 2 old ones are gone. So in fact there are more SD around me.

Anyway, do you think ludia changes SD manually? All over the world, billions of SD, do you think they turn it on and off one by ones? There’s script, that sets all SD based on places of interest, provided by Google maps or some other service. Any parameter that they change, replaces SD all over the world and nobody knows where will spawn some new SD or which will be gone.


I know they don’t manually go “well this one needs to disappear”. I noticed an event one that was gone and was wondering if anyone else has noticed similar.

Wasn’t talking about regular ones,specifically the park event ones.


I already have 9 points close to my house but the special is in a isolated area, inside an interprise of chevrolet :sweat:. All days the special dinos is impossible to be captured :sob::cry: