Park visitors request

When I used to play Jurassic Park Builder , one of my favourite features of the game was to see the visitor cars move throughout my park . It made the game be more realistic . But JWG lacks the visitor feature. Although , this is one of the most wanted features among JWG players , it never had a topic in order to attract the attention of Ludia .What do you guys think ? Don’t you think that this would be a more significant improvement than gen 2 dinosaurs? @Keith and @Ned has Ludia ever given an official answer about this request ?

Visitors would be really cool. In a perfect world, how else would you feed your dinos?

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Are you saying we feed our dinosaurs the visitors? I like that concept…


Imagine everytime you tap “feed” on a carnivore (or amphibian, sea creature, pterosaur, pretty much everything that eats meat) an unlucky guest gets thrown into the paddock…


That is kinda where my head was at. Then again, I’m broke and have a warped since of humor from spending on much time deployed.


You could have feeding shows and get some Dino Bucks or coins from the visitors coming to see the show.

I am mostly talking about visitors walking in the park streets and gathering around dinosaurs enclosures . But your ideas are also intresting.

But why Ludia does nothing for them ? Walking visitors are something that could improve the gameplay feeling of JWG. And this is not just my opinion .

yes bro, walking visitor would make this game pretty much fun. I have been waiting for this improvement since these game airing couple years ago… but it never happen,
so please without leaving aside any huge improvement in the game… Adding new animation like these can attract new player to playing and enjoy the game…

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Visitors would be a very good idea. I mean what’s the point of path ways now if no one uses them?.

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related and unrelated.

My kids play this game Dragon mania, it has a similar idea as JW. Collect breed, hatch, level up dragons, Place them in habitats in your world (park) decorate whatever.

One neat thing about that game is there is a friends list. You can add other real players to your list and then you can visit their world and see their dragons, and layouts decorations ect… You can also help the person speed up a few things each day (only 5 minutes off) And you can give a gift to each of your friends once a day, some kind of resource typically.

My kids like visiting other players worlds and seeing all the different dragons the other high level players have and their park layouts

Probably impossible to implement something on that scale now but it would be neat.