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Park Walks and Bike Trails Gone

I wasn’t sure where to put this one.

Several weeks back the bike and park trails started going till they were all gone. Is there a reason for this?
I’m afraid that when the next supply drop change that comes, they will no longer be placed on the trails that no longer show and only along the roads.

Will the bike and park trails come back as some point?

Good point! Just bumping and hoping others who are concerned about this will as well to keep it visible…

This is happening a lot! The reason for the disappearance is that Google Maps removed your public parks. If the area isn’t coded as a public park in Google Maps (which shows as green shading in Google Maps), this info doesn’t carry over into the JWA map. JWA doesn’t think it’s a park.

Entire national forests have disappeared from Google Maps:

My own local parks have disappeared from JWA, and I found out it was because of errors in Google Maps.

Notably, PokémonGo uses Apple Maps, and Apple Map’s data is more accurate, and correctly indicates all public parks. My local parks are still on the PoGo map.