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ParkRanger Alliance is looking for new Members, Any Level is welcome


Dear Dino Hunters out there,

the Alliance I´m in “ParkRanger” is looking for active players.
We´re an international group of people from all over the world, some of us are from Germany (just like me) or from US and GB.
We host all kind of player levels and trophys, as long as they are active.
Currently our trophy range is from 200 - 4.200, with 35 members playing. In the last couple of weekly challenges we reached comfortable Rank 3 on both and are very close on rank 4.
We hope, that with your help we can reach rank 4.
Also, we´re chatting, helping each other at the strike towers, and donating as much as we can.
If you can´t donate much, no worries.
I hope to hear from you guys soon, stay safe and have fun playing.
Please get in touch with me here and/or add me ingame olli #8922