Parks are closed, everyone's still in lockdown here. JWA event distribution is like:

“I’ll just put this boost strike right here.”
Also, the strikes have become so sparse it’s not even funny anymore!
Screenshot_20200415-172601 Screenshot_20200415-172620 Screenshot_20200415-172635 Screenshot_20200415-172704 Screenshot_20200415-172715 Screenshot_20200415-172751


I don’t even see a single boost strike up til the horizon. Out of probably about 100+ objects I can see on the map. Nothing.
Maybe it appears after the first 12 hours though, that happens quite often.

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Hey Detonatress, our team is looking into this at the moment.

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They’re likely out but in some other part of the city.

Screenshot_20200415-080326_JW Alive

You may have a hard time seeing it but that dot you can barely see was the closest of that particular tower this morning… I could’ve driven over and gotten it but common DNA just isnt worth getting dressed anymore


Not only is there no boost tower in sight, I’ve got the advanced strike tower sitting here for the next 3 days again!

I asked last week why it had to be out for 3 days, and unsurprisingly there was no answer.

So I’ll ask again.

Why does the advanced strike tower stay on the map for 3 days?


Yet again, I find myself surrounded by these almost useless common strikes. I can see a single boost strike far, far away.

No strike as far as i can see

I literally can’t see a single boost strike. Wouldn’t be the first time I wasn’t able to beat it because of this…

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Any chance they can code in some better spacing of strike event towers? I can reach 6 from my house, and the other day they were all the single epic. Could see all the others just out of range, and it all felt a bit daft.

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I’m the one that only got enough for 1 tier of attack when boosts 2.0 reset… so I need the boost strike… and yet I don’t see one… the irony

I agree. With the current boost in drone range, I have like 8 drops I can reach from my house, plus another 4-6 I can get just by walking down the streets in my neighborhood a little bit. And not one of them has a boost strike.


The sad thing is, it seemed like they actually had the solution when about 2 weeks ago every drop had either a strike tower or an event, nothing was wasted. Now most of them just sit there doing nothing.

At least you see a boost strike. I don’t believe they exist.

I have seen one so far, and luckily it was outside my work when I finished this afternoon.

Hopefully you passed along my suggestion for strike tower availability I posted.

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Did any switch happen? I was asleep if anything happened, and now there’s no boost tower at all, anywhere.

Same here, no boost tower within my circle, only like one that’s about 400m away, and I have 15 drops around me!

It has been passed to our team. :slight_smile: @Phil


There were no boost towers anywhere in sight for me yesterday. However, I didn’t have the game open from 8pm-10pm CDT, and when I started it back up at 10pm CDT, the towers had shuffled and I had one in range.