Parks are dropping like flies


A while back the park that was closest to me lost it’s “green” status, so it no longer has the one event drop it had before. I was bummed because it was within reasonable walking distance from my house.

Now tonight I found out that biggest park in my town is no longer a “park” in JWA. It’s a beach, with a playground and splash pad, lots of bike/foot paths, baseball diamonds, volleyball courts, and hosts many festivals and other big events. It had a ton of green drops, but they were reasonably spread out, so you’d still have to hoof it to hit them all. And with so many different DotDs it was still hard to come across the ones you were looking for.

But now, this…

Why does this keep happening? I come across lots of parks that don’t register as “parks” in the game. Is google maps to blame for this? If so, anyone know of a way to submit a request for an area to be considered a park?


Yikes, I hope they don’t do this for my town…So far I have yet to see my parks disappear, though one has no drops in it because it is so small. It’s as small as the little loop in the center of your last picture. No idea why it is considered a park. -.-


Tell me about it
This vacant area is a park

This is also a vacant area that is a park and the actual marked park use to have 1x event that is now gone

And this is also a marked park that use to have an event that no longer does

It sucks. There’s also 2 other parks in my suburb without events. I actually have to drive (not walk) to find an event park. I was hoping there was a way to flag these areas


Size doesn’t matter - this is a small cricket pitch in the middle of nowhere …

Always worth a drive out during an event … I had already collected one Sinoceratops before I took this image :rofl:

On nearby parks there have been one or two disappear and a lot have been temporarily removed by the strike towers this week making it quite a challenge to do the event.


Yes, I also noticed some supply drop change recently.

But they took at least 4~5 event supply drops away from several little grass around me at ver.1.3 update.:tired_face:
Some minor change might never be more impact for me.


This is why i don’t play anymore. All the stops around me are gone. It’s like a ghost town around me. That plus the extreme prices was just obnoxious. Hopefully people stop buying from them


The one park I have that’s within walking distance is like that, but less concentrated. It’s a bit bigger area, with 6 drops, as long as they don’t turn into strike events. :confused:


All the parks in my area are not big enough to have more than 1 Special Event drop each, however one of them is more than big enough in my opinion to have more. This means that the Strike Events that regularly appear can drastically affect my participation in the Special Events during the week. The Special Event drop nearest me is always being replaced by a Strike Event despite my weekly reports to Ludia.


So let me get this correct…

You don’t play the game any more, yet you still come on the forum for said game… :upside_down_face:


I was thinking that … :thinking:


Maybe some of us are just fascinating company. Emphasis on some!


A bunch of people are saying that on the social media sites, too. I wonder if it has anything to do with the recent wave of bans, or if maybe some people are requesting that stops near their homes or businesses be removed. I know that happened a lot when the Pokemon Go app was new.

My guess is that whether or not something is listed as a park is mostly because this does run through Google maps. Other times, stops/supply drops are removed because something which was marked as nearby is no longer there, or some areas will be flagged as unsafe.


Hubby is in the military and was sent to a small base in the middle of nowhere for a month. He was bummed because he didn’t figure he’d get any dinos. There ended up being a tiny “park” about 300 meters from him that has a bunch of supply drops and a strike tower. With 7 dinos all bunched together.