Parks gone haven't returned to the map yet


So many green areas and parks in the city I live in as well as in the capital (I live in the greater area) haven’t been back since the last 2 updates.

Thing is, many dinos of day are at those places, so now I have only one option of green area, while there were kind of 4-5 very close to me.

Not to mention that some special events are showing up at regular streets and supply drops are showing on the ocean!!! Sorry, but I ain’t going to the middle of the ocean with my cellphone (I live in an island-city) :smiley: :smiley:

Any prediction when they are coming back, if they are?


Totally agree, I don’t have the possibility to drive for miles and still don’t have the certainty to find the dino I want to dart with the weekly event. I did 5 attempt out of 6 of T-Rex cause green supply drops be halved in my city, let alone farm enough Galli now, there are 4 different dinos + the possibility to find the drop empty. I don’t want to spend all my day catching dino…