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Parks Need to be Merged in Respective Locals

Ludia did a good job moving special event supply drops out of parks. They should go one step ahead and get rid of park specific Dinos and distribute them to four locals equally.

Sometime ago, one of the top players @Marktheshark mentioned his struggle with farming DNA for Dinos locked in park. Now with 1.6, even more very very important Dinos have been moved to parks.

Parks have very low number of spawn points, which are not enough. For reference, it takes on an average about 1500 EPIC DNA to create a unique Dino ( after Legendary Dino is at level 20 ). Currently parks have 2 EPICs who make 2 Uniques each, and have other rare and common dinos which make uniques / super hybrids.

One might argue that running EPIC scents can elevate issue, but cost of an EPIC scent is around $10 in real world money, and on an average one can get 2.3 EPICs per scent. Odds of getting EPIC a player is targeting is even less for those 2.3 EPICs.

In my view, Park are leading to inferior game play experience and are not healthy to game. Even if Ludia is to double spawn points in parks from current levels, issue would barely improve. Therefore, Park specific Dinos should be removed completely and merged to locals.


Agreed… Ludia has had so much trouble with park related spawns, supply drops and events… I honestly do not understand why they insist on making parks a specific spawn area… :confused:


Ankylo & Darwino must been migrated to global day/night spawn…
Yes those Darwino based hybrids seems not deserve to create, but unique means best chance to been buffed if they are weak.

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Agreed. While the 4 locals are distributed more or less equally unless one is occupied by (once again) a park(/river/etc), parks aren’t: some people have too many parks, some have too few parks depending on their country/climate/area. It’s a mechanic bound to be imbalanced.

Park spawns should be distributed among the zones. Make 1 or 2 more zones if necessary, but without tying it to real life parks. And parks themselves should either be remade into regular local zones or spawn a little of everything.


I agree with this completely and I hope ludia and the developers read this and take into consideration.
I can see they really want people go to parks and dino hunt, but dang at least update new parks that are open. There is a park 2 minutes away from my place that they opened almost 2 years ago and it’s not considered a “park” to ludia. I have to drive a good amount to reach one. Come on Ludia I would expect more during this 3 month duration of 1.6 update. @J.C
Please read this and all our comments.

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Definitely. The four locals are relatively equal now, but the parks are just far too diluted. Six epics alone! Consider how difficult it is for many players, particularly rural or remote, to even find parks. This is just another progress wall tossed up for an arbitrary reason.


Yeah parks are by far the worse part of this game… some parks are not parks while other things are consider parks that shouldnt… like state game lands…

Ludia claims they have no control over parks so its time they go back to the drawing board… they moved special events out of parks for a reason… then stuck a bunch of desired dinos in them.


I hate that they use parks as a gateway to prevent people from getting DNA. Oh, everyone has high level Stegodeus? Better put Stegosaur in the park so it’s impossible to collect.


Too many players don’t have access to parks at all. I fortunately do, but it involves a 30 mile round trip. I really looked forward to this update thinking the mechanics would no longer involve them, but sadly not the case.

Or just make everything the mystical L5.

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If anything parks should just be a nest spawn type thing.


Out of the 6 parks in my general area, 30 mile radius, only 2 are considered parks to Ludia, 1 with only 2 stops. Making Anky and tenonto park spawns kills my advance with Tryko and Tentorex… The parks are too diluted, and with the results of my last 25 epic scents I will not be buying any to use at a park and end up with more dinos I don’t need… All this will help is the clans of spoofers who can just teleport to parks…


I agree that park specific dinos should merge, but I want the parks themselves to stay, because I like the look of the green space on the map.


Being brutally honest, if I had started playing this game in the last month, my attention wouldn’t have lasted very long. Quality of life for spawn locations in this game has deteriorated heavily, especially considering some of the best obtainable dinosaurs are daytime-based spawns. Now some of the best are thrown into parks.

I feel sorry for newcomers & Ludia, alike. Newcomers because there’s very short lasting reason to prolong playing because building block & quality spawns are the most frustrating to look for, thereby giving little to no incentive to play, and Ludia because of said migrations their player base is going to dwindle so fast.

You can’t expect players to give you money if the game isn’t worth spending on, Ludia you have to give players a sense of satisfaction/accomplishment from playing.

The friends I introduced to this game over the summer? I’d gander about 60% of them are still playing. Those that I introduced to this game since November? 0%. Not a single friend of mine I’ve introduced to this game in the last 3 months is still playing. Because the dinosaurs that offer value and reason to play are virtually nowhere to be found. You did that, Ludia.


Regarding daytime, where I live its always dark when I leave work. So daytime Dino DNA is possible to obtain only on weekends. Its been seriously demotivating as well.


I like the park idea. I go to the dog park alot and it’s just a huge park area. Not enough stops though and most of them are off the trails and in the bushes. I still get tons of park spawns while there (on scents) and it makes if different from walking around my place.
Parks could be greatly improved though. If you want to use a scent and catch green stop Dino’s and the few (if any) wild spawns. You will NEED to buy darts. So I usually only use a scent if there are no green stop Dino’s I want.
But seriously the wild spawn rate at parks is just horrid. You would think you would want to encourage park walks by increased spawns and stops.

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Such a bummer. I love dinosaurs and this game has so much potential. Yet Ludia proves times and time again they only care about a quick pay day. They consistently nerf anything that benefits the players. Spawns and migrations are atrocious. If I play at home am I supposed to dart Einia for hours occasionally getting 2 darts and 16 coins from supply drops? Then if I go out most dinos spawn rates are awful especially park spawns. I feel like I’m on a sinking ship with this game.


Moving valuable dinos to parks is so sadistic, especially in winter.
Ludia literally admitted that parks are not available for everybody and changed green SD spawn so they would be everywhere. More they move the most wanted dino to parks. How do they imagine we have to hunt them when it’s -30 C outside?


Very well said, Mark.

Ludia, are you listening?

This game is getting less and less fun to play with every dino you move to parks.

Parks make up the tiniest portion of playable area, many are closed during the winter (almost all are closed at night), and yet somehow you thought it was a good idea to move half of the most desired dinos into them? Are you seriously that disconnected with your playerbase?

Time for a revolution, fellow players. Lets keep making it known to Ludia how terrible this is getting with all the park-only spawns.


I really have no more ideas how to make Ludia listen to us.

I suggested rating them 1* at Google.Play and app store, but it didn’t help.
We created so many topics, telling them, what they do wrong and how to make this game better, but it’s useless.

They are totally the most ignoring company who can’t care less about their players.