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Parks spawns now normal spawns?

Hay folks,

I 've seen so many “park exclusive” dinos since patch 1.11 that i think the system broke down?

I have no park around my living. I dont even found one around 20km. But i see purru g2, bajas, tento and even a carbo running around my house. Carbo and tento come from a epic sentse (forgot the screenshot was to happy to find park dinos i need).

Here i SS’ed the bajas at least:

And the purro i darted at home:

Can i get a statemant on how park spawns work now?
I’m happy i can dart some park dinos after 1 year of gaming without them, but it looks odd.

I’ve heard some people saying that certain areas of the map are now considered parks even if they’re not. I have no clue why this is though.

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Crazy lol.
Then i have 2 of them in the 200m range around my house. I love it.
But still, why do sentse i drop at home pop them.

Looks like Ludia messed a bit up, but in a positiv way. At least for me.

I had this since the 1.10 map changes. The whole area around here, a couple of kilometers all around, turned into a giant park. Since 1.11 that is actually back to normal, but I do encounter an occasional mishap.
Seems like other zones have this now, like yours.
Enjoy it while it lasts, unless you need the normal spawns in your area more. Then it’s actually quite annoying :slight_smile:

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Perhaps i should delete my post, befor Ludia trys to fix it. I really like it. Finelly i have access to park exclusiv dinos.


I’m glad mine is back to normal. Got enough turtles and don’t need any other spawns besides baja, but I’ll get that in time.
This is L2, so dracorex 1&2, erliko 2, quetzal, raja, etc. Much nicer than parks.


The first rule of secret parks, is that we don’t talk about secret parks.


Quick cover this up, These are not broken park dinos. They are “nests”. It’s just the normal nesting spawns nothing to see here move along folks.


Ahhh my bad i forgot about the airport in my livingroom.

Please if you dont know something, then at least dont spread miss informations thank you sir.


PS: I think he was trying to say that to get Ludia to not fix the broken park spawns not in parks.


If so then i’m 100% sorry


I didn’t talk about my secret park and now it’s gone :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Dry humor has a way of being taken too seriously when written. I was hoping the intro would help but my comedic tone also failed to convey :laughing: Next time maybe emojis will help

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there’s a trailer park about 3 miles from my house that routinley has bajas, especially at night. i guess “park” could be loosely defined.

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I’ve seen children’s playgrounds and public basketball courts count as parks, even tho they aren’t colored green on the map. Some aren’t even the size of a 1/4 acre lot.