Parks with lots of event supply spots


There are almost no event spots in my village/small city. Maybe 1 every 3km.
Except for this neighbourhood.
There are over 20 event spots al within a 1km2 radius.

How is this in your area/hometown?
Do you also have this much spots?


Same with near me, there’s a popular park for family and other people that has 0 spawns and it’s marked on Google Maps as a park,

The only one that it spawns at is at a park that drunk people are normally at drinking all day :confused:


There is nothing here.

The parks are empty and the only green point we had was in the middle of a swamp.
Vanished a few days after i found it
(Would be impossible to get out to it, as there where farmlands in front of the area)

There are almost no points either in the main part of my area, the only place that has a few points is on a dirt road in the farmlands.
Lucky for me it is the place i walk my dog so i get a few points each day.

But green points, none.
We have 5 parks btw :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah not many…


Find me a house for sale near you right now :joy:


Haha for only the price of a couple incubators you could probably buy two! :joy::joy:


This side is crowded