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Another probably stupid question (sorry, I just got the game a few days ago). What’s a park? Is it a special location in the game or just a term for where you find dinosaurs?


Areas Google Maps has labeled as parks in the real world. Could be a tiny neighborhood playarea, could be a national park or anything in between. Mostly if its green on Google Maps it’s probably a park in the game


We have a huge park in our own town but to Google it’s just an open blank space not green. :frowning:


Ok, thanks. I kept seeing the term but not knowing what it means.


I’ve seen people say they wrote to Google and got that updated to show as a park on the map. I don’t know exactly how, but you can probably search the forums for advice :slight_smile:


I wish they could use they satellite imagery map vs the regular maps they use.


Near me a park is not registered as a park in JWA, but a nearby private property with a huge garden is - and the ( inaccessible) to general public event supply drop is on the private land, as are the (too far away) event Dino’s! Very frustrating.


Same. Right behind where I work is a private fishing ground with an event drop but it’s too far away to get it or the dinosaur from the edges.