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Part 1: immunity concepts

I’ve been think and like the fact that more creatures are being immune and or gaining immunities is being an issue since there are rare or in the case of the sauropods no counters. I was think that ludia should make immunity decrease as the more normal Dino get spliced with it for example you have dimetrodon fully immune then splice with posta it lose one thing from being fully immune let’s say it lose immunity to bleed then you splice it again with Baryonyx So it loses another part of it immunity say immunity to stuns that way it still a good creature but not op. The same with maxima’s ingredients the first fully immune the next mostly except one thing then then final half immune. Let me know what y’all think and leave ideas bellow👇🏻.

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And this is evident with indo (both gens) I mean I don’t know how trex plus raptor equals immune but what ifs anyway it goes from fully immune to partially Immune. So it still can be slowed and bleed and have vulnerability and since it’s only has one cleansing move it has to be wise about how it plays [this why indo gen 2 needs to be seriously nerfed] so it’s still really good but not like out control.

This is a really interesting topic. I like where you’re going with it.
Dinos like Maxima and Proceratho would become a bit easier to deal with.
Gemini wouldn’t be affected do to it gaining immunity at its end stage.
Erlidom would potentially suffer as well, depending on the immunity lost.

Well this I think I have great ideas about balancing for one maxima loses immune to distraction and immune to swap in but keeps immune to bleed and slowing. The green chicken keep immune to distraction And swap in prevention but loses immune to stuns and slowing cause no epic should be that good. As for Gemini the only thing I say is it loses immune to say distraction but keeps everything else it’s has going for it. And for the erlidom it get the opposite of indo immune to swap prevention, bleed, and slowing but loses immune to distraction and stuns. And for pterovexus I say just loses swap prevention. And for indo gen2 I say for that insane kit it has it loses immune to stun for immune to swap prevention.

There’s only really one bad dino who abuses immunity. And it’s the fastest dino in the game on top of being able to double distract, dodge, and nullify positive effects.


Have you ever fought a maxima or Gemini they are beasts like almost (almost) nothing can beat them.

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Of course I also use Maxima. It’s also not that easy to level up like that. It’s pretty tough I see it as deserving. And it’s a team end game, Maxima dying brings on a setup.
Now procerat on the other hand …

Easy to get, fastest speed, dodge, distract, nullifying positives, and hits pretty hard. This one is checking all the check marks of being a mascot for boosts.

If someone grinds for a big maxima more power to them its and end game dino no doubt deservingly so. Plus I love that it uses the classic brachi. Maybe an ounce of less health. But this is a dino you got to grind for. If someone has a big Maxima they worked and grinded good. For the god.

But it can setup some bad losses. It can’t dodge so if you bang it up your next dino can come in and surely smash it. Unlike a certain op mascot lol.


Meh, those are pretty difficult to get uniques. I rather face a powerful hard to get unique than the epic Procerat. Like, I’d be fine if either one of them gets nerfed, but still

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I agree is good but still no Dino shouldn’t have no counters no matter how much you grind what I’m saying is we should just treat immunity like the trump card it currently is hey you do moves that only rely on stuns in distraction or bleed get that out of here I got immunity. And I’m not saying maxima should be nerfed to oblivion either I’m just saying when making some better version of an immune creature it should have a draw back.

Like let it have immunity to everything else but allow it to be weak to at least something either it be chompers, bleeders,stunners etc.

Maxima doesn’t have that many counters 1v1, but as Sixty-Four has said it’s setup fodder. IDK bout Gemini though


That is true but that’s like why it should get some stuff form it parent and not other like say it loses immunity but then it gains below so that way the next Dino can get a tuff time think it’s just gonna finish it off easily again not say it should be kicked out of high place in the current meta but I also shouldn’t be the best.

Yes many dinos don’t have a great move on turn one. So if your next dino snacks it. Now your next dino is setup for a big hit. It sets you up for more strategic approaches instead of just relying on what’s available on turn one. If its Thor you’re now set up with dsr and instant charge for example.

Although seems we can all agree the grinch chicken must go.


Although I know someone who would disagree :sweat_smile:

Cough cough dummy dumb ludia employees cough cough

Surprisingly it’s a fellow forum-goer!

Still like sure many of these creatures may lose immunity but they can gain other things like more sped say maxima gains 110 speed, Gemini 1500 damage since it can’t bypass arm becoming a greater erlidom counter Etc for others. This could even include kit changes say for tryos it could maybe lose some thing it can gain instead of ready to crush it gets regeneration.

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Hmmmm interesting although we shouldn’t call out people exactly

True day my pal