Part2: Chompers, ideas and feedback

After talking about immunes in my last form to decide to start a series to discuss each class of Dino’s to see if they need changes and or give ludia some ideas they might add so second up is chompers. I feel like they way to generic since they can all basically destroy armor not matter what and while Ik that there job I feel like there should be more diversity in chompers. Ex. Tyrannosaurs should be the only ones able to go through armor but they can’t break shields but also vulnerablize the oppent for one turn, Allosaurus and carcardons should be able to break shield and slash like say .5 damage once hit to the enemy for one turn, dimetrodons should just have shield shattering and critical chance. Let me know if any other ideas ya have below.

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I would like to see a chomper than can also bleed. Like a skill that works like Defense Shattering/Armor Piercing but also bleeds with it. idk if it makes sense, since i’m not the best at describing things :sweat_smile:


No no I see what ya mean but still there has to be a draw back cause then it be cautious strike level of broken

I wrote something similar earlier this year:

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What I’m more less saying that every class of big carnivore be a bit different instead defense shattering impact and rampage over and over again

So in other words there be different chompers for different situations which there own special characteristics. So trex and go head to head with ceratopsians, Stegosaurs,and anklosaurs while allosaurus and dimetrodons should be able To go head to head with sauropods and hadrosaurs and pachys. So for like tyrannosaurus should have a mix or armor strikes and impacts with defense shattering being there biggest hit. They should have immunity to stuns at least the rarer ones. And the previously mentioned allo should have a have vulnerablity or slashing as there first attacks and then shield crushing impacts and rampage. While dim should have rending and slashing strikes and impacts as well but they get critical rampages

I like chompers as is but some with a bleed attack might be nice. But with the damage they do would bleed be unnecessary?


Well yes since not all will be able to go through armor and or shields say you got tyrko vs stego it slows you first turn so you go for armor piercing rampage afte it pulls a shield out you do some damage and the it take .20 damage after you bite it for one turn and for a strike it takes .10

So it allows them to hit even if they can’t go through everything and still do some Damage

Plus they will get a nerf in damage to account for the new move set. Such as for Thor it lose the ability to pierce armor it be a great nerf and allow it still be but not op.

Although not all Chompers will get kit changes like I think the uniques be left alone I’m still on the fitz about that tho

I think chompers are a neccessary evil to get through arenas and tournaments. They deal out the most damage out of all the dinosaurs in the game. As for having a chompers with a bleed attack, I would have to say put it on both Allosino and Thor since they have arms that are not utilized. Just saying


Well I’m not saying that they should dish out damage just that they shouldn’t all be able to do the same thing like what the use of a tank if it’s armor and shield get thanosed with every single attack that they have. There again should be some class so you have different play styles for different creatures. And the hot thing is a bad idea just got get rid of it’s ability to go through armor and then it’s good and it will be the greatest pest control

Logically, a tyrannosaurus if it does not kill you from a bite at least breaks a bone with that powerful bite, perhaps an attack that destroys shields, goes through armor and slows the opponent 50% would not be bad


Yikes slow down there buddy that’s way to much for one move to do plus do you really want that on a Thor

I think chompers in general are fine as they are. They don’t need or should get any nerfs regarding the ability to pierce armor and break shields. That is
their job, If they can’t even do that than it’s tank meta all over again. Shields are to deal with other dinos, not chompers. The main legendary tanks in the game are in a pretty good position in the tier list, they are not weak at all. With the exception of some few dinos, the meta is balanced right now.
As for some new variety, I would be fond of some new moves for new chomper dinos such as a defense shattering move that deals .15x bleed for 1 or 2 turns for exemple, or the ferocious shattering strike that was datamined some time ago. If they add Giganotosaurus and Charcarodontosaurus they could be good candidates for a bleeding shattering move as their teeth are better suited for bleeding prey opposed to the bone crushing capabilities of the T-Rex. Rex could have a move with shattering and vulnerability effects to reflect it’s bone crushing bite. Of course, all those things need to be well thought for the creatures who have them to not become op. If they ever add Rexy as they did with blue, she could have moves like that as she is a mascot. I would love to see Rexy with a shattering vulnerability strike, definitive impact and rampage as an improvement to the T-Rex we have.

Thor is definitely not OP though.

Pfft well not as much as before

It never actually was OP. The great amount of sino created a bunch of overleveled Thors. People pilling all boosts into said Thors created monsters in the arena. But fight a Thor in a friendly or in equal levels and boosts in the arena. It loses a lot of matchups against tyrant and Apex, has a lot of counters, has to be used as a revenge killer to be effective. The arena monsters create an ilusion that It is OP, while It most definitely isn’t. It’s actually pretty weak in this meta. I don’t think it’s a bad dino, It works very well when used correctly and doesn’t need any nerfs. Crit nerf was already a big hit to Thor.

Well I was thinking just get rid of instant charge kind stringer for a chompers now you may say but trko has priority but they don’t do damage and but stop or minimize it but Thor it’s can get a kill on something much faster and while it’s true that boosts really have made it op and not the Dino it’s self but still at least make it a head butt.