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Partial boosts

when they do the boosts reset that’s coming soon what if we have say health 45/100 damage 71/100 speed 62/100 will we lose the odd amounts?? as there not enuff to do a boost but still took time money and effort to aquire! will they round them up to a full extra boost esp if there over 59/100 any thoughts guys n girls ? thanks Andy

You just get back what you spent. It’s 100 boosts for 1 stat level up, then you get 100 back. I don’t understand your question.

I think he thought the boost reset was going to reset everything to zero

well if i have say health 67/100 when they do the reset will i lose the 67?? or will they round that up to a full extra boost?

oe will they leave the 67 in the “Bank” so to speak

when i say boost i mean stat boost obviously sorry dor nay confusion lol

Yeah you keep the 67 in the bank. Plus all the 100’s you used on dinos.

thats great thanks for the advice happy hunting !

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