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Partial Immunity

Do you agree that bleeders (which aren’t immune) should be immune to bleed, Stunners immune to stun , Distraction dinosaurs immune to distraction etc


That actually could work in some cases

So that dino could be invincible!

I agree that bleeder should immune to bleed and have no escape


This would work, like a dinosaur mastering a certain type of status effect it becomes invincible to it


Not a fan of that idea tbh, if anything it just means that certain creatures would become more imbalanced than they already are (phorusaura immune to being stunned makes it downright broken)


It’s about battle balancing:
As Chompers, you can’t let Trykosaurus gain IT-Distraction, both Allosino and Thor gain IT-Stuns.
As Deceleration users, you can’t let Utasinoraptor, Titanoboas and every Ceratopsids gain IT-Deceleration.
As Stun users, you can’t let Sarcorixis and every Ceratopsids gain IT-Stun, ETC

And a part of Immune, Diloracheirus still a poor creature cause it didn’t gain anything, just look at Indoraptor’s IT-Distraction and IT-Stuns (1.9v).


We have this situation on inostrancevia and arctops, distracter that are Immune to distraction

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Inostrancevia and Arctops are Common and rare! They are not powerful!


Some could use it but definitely not all of them

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So Thoradolosaur should be Immune to Stun?
Hard pass.


Thor doesn’t need any immunities, makes it worse for those people struggling to fight 149 speed Thors with 2817 Attack


Both those creatures can still be outsped, slowed, stunned and bled. Plus moves like superiority strike or vulnerability strike negate the effects of their attacks.

I think that would be great! Stuff like Paramoloch is a stunning machine and being immune to stuns as well is great. Since we’re basically just giving every new creature a partial immunity we might as well update the old ones

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I think it’s pretty self-explaining what each creature doesn’t need for immunity

A speedster must by vulnerable for speed reduction. Therefore it shouldn’t be immune to speed reduction. A speedster’s purpose is to deliver a huge chuck of damage in short time, but die fast by it’s limited by health pool. For this reason, if they should be able to have 1 immunity, it’s immune to distraction so it can land their damage.

2nd example: tanks. They should be able to be countered by bleeders. Therefore, they should not be Immune to bleed (looking at you ardentis and Gemini :wink:)

3th example: chompers. They should be counterable by reducing their damage output. They should not be immune to damage reduction. Immunity to stuns in this case is debatable, but I think it should be able to be stunned.

Last example: revenge creatures. They do excess damage when they enter to field. Therefore, this damagebshould be able to be blocked. Therefore, I find that they should not be immune to stun, like entelochops for instance.

I can keep giving examples, but this is my general idea what immunities some classes shouldn’t have.

I think that idea is a bit small-minded. I do believe there are ways to make an Immune-to-decel speedster or an immune-to-DoT tank work, but it’s all about compromise.

That depends on the move. Revenge Distracting Strike and Revenge Protection don’t do extra damage.

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True, but even that moves should be able to be interfered. Therefore i find they should be able to be stunned. It’s there biggest advantage, and therefore it should be counterable.

Like high health pool is to sauropods advantage, therefore they must be able to bleed to counter that

I think they could maybe have a resistance to it, but not immunity to their type.

Resistance could just half the effectiveness of a given move.

Like Pyroraptor is a distractor, so say it got Distraction Resistance. Now it goes against Erlikogamma. Precise Pounce would only distract for 25%, and Debilitating would only distract for 37%

Spinotahsuchus is a bleeder so it’d get Bleed Resistance. So if it meets a Dimodactylus, Lethal Wound would only do 16% DoT, and its SIA Wound would only do 12% DoT.

That’d be much better imo, and others have also expressed the idea before I think.

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Agreed. Alloraptor is such a creature that is well-designed.

And a tank can be immune to bleed, as long as they don’t have a gigantic health pool for instance or can be countered by other things like stun or distract. They shouldn’t have full immunity like dentist and Gemini.

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