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Partial reset?

For the second time in a month, My game reset the daily calendar collection, the “Complete the Parchment” Hunt and is offering the welcome bundle and Free Dragon Rider week*, as if I were a new player.
I think both times it occurred when lauching a session on a different device than the previous session, but I do that all the time without problems. (phone and Chromebook).
All my other stats are the same, but I think it reset Odin’s Market (so packs I had already purchased this week were available again).
*The offer of a free week of dragon rider can’t be acted on, becauase google play remembers that I’ve already used it.
Havent’ really lost anything except progress on the monthly calendar, so I’m back to the smallest rewards.
Is this a thing, or did it only happen to me.

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Hi there bilkie. Could you please email our team at so they can take a look at your account? If you can provide them your support key, that would help. Thanks!

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Thanks, I’ve done that.