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Partial resistances to binary events in battle are stupid

It makes the entire game way more luck dependent than it has to be. I would much rather be outplayed by my opponent that I couldn’t escape from 100% than to lose because there was a 25% chance my stun could fail, or 25% chance he could swap out into something else. People that win because of them are undeserving and I honestly don’t know what ludia was thinking with implementing them.

I lost a match in the tournament because a Triceratops managed to stun my Giraffatitan twice in a row.

Giraffatitan has a 75% resistance to stun so the RNG should’ve been in my favor. But I was unlucky.

People will say rng is good. I do agree it is good for games, but Ludia implements it somewhat poorly and stacks it on top of other rng. As well I think most people like the excitement of rng, not rng itself. The only people that actually like it are the lucky chosen that it seems to go in their favor more than the rest, and statistically speaking, those people do exist.

But, RNG is rng. I do not think I have played a game that uses rng that at least sometimes it goes completely out of my favor and at least sometimes it goes completely in my favor. But also, I do not think I have played a game where rng ever played in my favor more than it played against me, or ever even within the typical odds of that rng. So to me, a 75% chance in just about any game results in more like a 40% chance. A 5% chance results in more like a 2% chance. However, some people are smiled upon by the gaming gods and they get 90% on a 75% and 30% on a 5%.

Honestly, it one of the reasons I have given up on gaming altogether. I am using my time studying for my CCNA, AZ certs, and making more dollars as a real world resource instead of coins and internet points. Though I am still drawn to gaming forums.