Partial Stun Resistance needs to be all or nothing

Enough. Who thought this was a good idea? Stun isn’t meant to be partial-ized. It’s an all or nothing thing. Everything with 67% stun resistance should have 100% stun resistance, and everything with less than 50% should be 0%. Nothing about it is fun or strategy based, its a surrender to RNG.


I agree, it’s very annoying and unneccessary. Same with partial lockdown resistances, although these aren’t as game-changing as stuns.

Not all creatures with 67% stun resistance should have 100% immunity tho. Tenrex should have 0 %, period

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Also I’ve just checked that the new creature, Acrocanthops, has 34% resistance. Imagine battling with that haha

It would make more sense If stun immunity was given away to chompers, so Tenrex should have It. Since stunning moves are almost always on resilient creatures, chompers should have this advantage to counter resilients instead of the many speedsters that get stun resistance.


Thoradolosaur says hi. But yes I do agree that speedsters should not have stun resist and chompers should.

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It’s also very confusing. Trying to stun a yoshi with instant charge is 66% times 75%. Technically stuns are already resisted in that sometimes it doesn’t work.

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True, but it’s more of an exception for the sino hybrids. I think it’s ok for some speedsters to be stun resistant If they are supposed to counter Thor. But If too many speedsters get this resistance It kinda breaks the system