Participation rewards all about luck?


So i’ve seen a bunch of People at low trophy count get amazing prices from tournement, and i strugglede and ended up just below the 4k mark and got Nothing. And honestly i didnt expect a reward since i didnt go above the 4k. But find it unfair when 100’s of People far below got those Nice rewards😕
Are ludia gonna make things fair? Like giving those Who didnt get anything the same OR remove prices from those Who shouldnt have recieved it in the first place?


To be fair, the whole game is about luck. There isn’t the levels of skill that a lot of people tend to go on about. if the RNG works in your favour or the four dinosaurs that the game picks for your opponent are better, it’s all just dumb luck.


True, but this part wasnt really suposed to be about luck, they had set a specific requirement, but a lot of People Who didnt even came close got rewards anyway, but some of us didnt.

Just find it a bit unfair People With 2-3k rating get awesome rewards and i get Nothing even tho i did better in the tournement


People below 4K trophies who received the reward was a mistake/goof-up. The reward was intended for 4K+ players only. It was not a participation reward.

Since reverting it once awarded is difficult, ir would have been ideal to give rest of the folks same reward and give an additional incubator to the intended recipients.


I haven’t even gotten the extra rewards that Ludia said they would do for 4k + [News] Jurassic World Alive | Tournament Rewards Ruckus


Thats even worse :frowning:


Were you from the people who were above 4K trophies and did not receive the Incubator initially when others received it?

If the answer to above question was yes, then only you would have received an Epic Incubator and an additional 500 cash. You can probably reach out to Ludia with a ticket if there is still an issue.
If not, you would not receive any extra reward/bonus.


I do understand that, but my point is that the random rewards some People outside the 4k bracket got, gives them unfair advantage over the ones Who got nothing, wich in turn will make it even harder for the People who got nothing to do better in next tournement.


What i really want is someone from ludia actually taking time to tell us if they will do something about it OR not