Parting thoughts

I’m finally leaving JWA. I have played since the game’s inception and was fascinated with it’s content, but no longer.

Ignoring the details of the issues (bugs, nerfs, boosts, new additions and what-nots) and assessing the game in totality, I can confidently conclude that it frustrates me way more than it its fun.

I would like to share just two points, which I think the community may have already expressed in other threads:

  1. Stat boosts fundamentally goes against the notion of “grinding to improve”.
    Lets face it: collecting and improving creatures for battling is a huge part of JWA. Before the stat boosts were introduced, I was motivated to travel outdoors to grind on DNA to improve my strike team and even buying the incubators occasionally to get some rare dna. Now, all someone needs to do is to buy cash (and boosts) to dominate in the arena. Pay to win is fine, but this game has unfortunately adopted the extreme form of it. Perhaps this is your way of chasing away non-paying players. Well, so be it.

  2. Swap in abilities and the rat
    Swap in abilities were meant to be strategic and calculated. The risks should be commensurate with the power/impact of the swap in ability. However, you have decided to completely remove the risks associated with swap in rampage (a rather overpowered one, if I may add) on dragoceratops with its moveset. The result? A heavily abused mechanic with absolutely NO counters. The worst part is that you have refused to acknowledge (or appreciate) this shortcoming and allowed it to continue for the longest time. If this hasn’t created an impression on you yet, do explain how a legendary dino made out of two commons could have made it to a tyrant tier.

In any case, I wish everyone who is still playing JWA a happy experience with the game.
Im done.


Excellent points , well made , but I’m afraid they will be ignored yet again .
For the record I 100% agree with you and it’s a shame that you have had enough .
Take care .