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Partner Up


I’ve had multiple times of trying repeatedly during the day to find people who will battle against me to fulfill the partner up challenge.


It depends on SOMEONE ELSE having time to do something, which makes it really hard to accomplish without a lot of stress. I’ve had to try to get one repeatedly during a day and only in the last five minutes of the daily challenge have it fulfilled.

I have to turn these down myself, because I’m just checking in for a few minutes.

I know I’m not the only one who hates this one, because it’s the only thing that was mentioned on several threads of things people hated in the challenges that they wanted to see changed. EVERYTHING was changed, except this stupid partner up challenge which should either be dropped or maybe should just be a bonus.

I don’t want my screen being stuck on the game when I want to do something else, simply because this is the LAST challenge I have to do to get a completion and I have to depend on the whims of other people. :frowning:

It’s aggravating and it pops up SO MUCH. So now I’m sitting here in the last hour, hoping desperately one of my many friends or an alliance member will log in and do battle with me after being turned down numerous times. :frowning:


Kahburd #3036, anytime. I have the same issue sometimes, 20 mins til reset and no one has accepted.


The point of the partner up challenge is to play with somebody who is your friend on the friends list. It promotes and encourages alliances to get along and help each other out. I don’t see them getting rid of this challenge ever since the alliances were formed.


I have no friends lol


Sarahsaurusrex #0729
Any time I’m online, just press they button :smile: I’ll hapily battle!


This is one thing that pushes people to get a second account going just to friend it and use it for this mission.