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Party Match

What this is, a series of battles that people can spectate and play. This is simply a “for fun” game mode. It’ll work just like friendly battles/tournaments, and you can pick and choose your team members, go for creature rules, and even go for what creatures will be banned. This will take place in its own party arena (I’m guessing a literal giant dancefloor or something cool.) There could also be an option to change your team mid-party, whether that be on or off. And for the cost of “competitive mode tickets” (competitive mode will be either enabled or disabled) there could be a prize for the winner of a series of games, 25,000 coin, 500 hard cash, 25 of each boost. Competive mode tickets would be restored over the course of a week (fitting the tournament style.)

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seems cool but can you create it and be a host and make what the rewards are

sound dumb