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Passive Ability Proposal for "On Escape" moves

So since 1.12 is introducing these interesting “On Escape” moves, wouldn’t it be cool to have some sort of a counter to them?

I propose the passive ability: Escape Artist
-When this creature swaps out (automatically or manually), the opposing creature’s On Escape abilities are not triggered

Of course only some agility based dinos would have this, and definitely not dinos like Dracoceratops.
I think some creatures that could get this are:
-Stygidaryx and Pterovexus
-Stygimoloch (both gens)
-Darwinopterus and some of the other little birds
-Erlikosaurus G1 and Erlikogamma
-Phorusaura (?)

What do you guys think? If you vote no please comment why

  • Yes, something like this should be added
  • Maybe… could be interesting
  • No, this should definitely not happen

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It look’s good but please don’t give a buff for Phorus lol

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Lol agreed, that’s why I put a question mark. It would make sense though since Phorusaura is specifically a mobility based hybrid. Maybe a nerf somewhere else to compensate?>