Passive activates upon opponent use of an instant skill

Instant moves. These go off of priority based on speed, unless a swap happens (then swap goes first). I’ve been thinking about this some, and wondering what could be done to up the arms race.

Way back in the day, I used to play hearthstone. Hearthstone was turn based and had the concept of traps. These had specific triggers, and would “interrupt” combat to go off based on your opponents actions.

In jwa, we already have on escape moves. We also have a quickly escalating list of instant moves. Rather than nerfing these, what if a passive skill was introduced? One could be, as an example, “when opponent activates and instant move, preempt it with invincibility”. Yeah, op. But that’s the idea.

Thoughts, from others more creative than I am?

I like the concept. Interuptig shields would be nice for resil creatures. I don’t want to add damaging abilities in there just yet. So maybe jsut stuff like shields, distraction, stun, slow and heals.


It’s a bad idea. The whole idea of Instant moves are to deal damage before your opponent. Countering it just kills it.

Thank you for your perspective.

Instants aren’t just about doing damage. They’re a strategic play to turn the tide of battle. There’s many more non damaging Instants than there are damaging ones. And the damage instants abilities tend to be way to powerful. Instant rampages on 1500+ attack creatures. Albert’s instant strike allows it to beat many cunnings it shouldn’t. A way to counter those other than just being faster would help. Same with swaps. Some damaging swap abilities are too much with very few counters.

I see interrupts as a unique solution to an issue rather than jsut outright nerfing instant abilities in general. Providing counter play to a mechanic that currently doesn’t have many counterclaim options.


This, but for trumping swap in attacks instead of instants. Instants aren’t really that problematic, and Swap In attacks already have priority over them. Meanwhile, nothing has priority over swap in moves (even on escape moves only affect the dino swapping out, but don’t punish the dino swapping in). So this is the niche where this kind of “trap card” passive is more needed, at least the way I see it.


I like this better.

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