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Passive Idea - Parry

Just a little move that could be given to some dinosaurs so that they deflect swap-in attacks (ie ratting attempts).

Dinosaur comes flying in ready to hit you, and the dinosaur with this move deflects it and takes no damage…I think it be nice to have some ratting immune dinosaurs!

Actually perhaps it could actually CAUSE damage do the swap-in dinosaur, a kind of retaliation type attack🤔


Sounds very similar to On Escape Dust Cloud, and both of its users are immune to all snipers except the dreaded Irritator G2.

Unfortunately there aren’t any relevant OEDC users past the low arenas.

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yeah im the only one with my 25+ boosted majundaboa


Nice! How does it do? I really hope it gets buffed soon

Works pretty well, a lot of people fall victim to the double ferocious impact because they try to cheese a kill with DC or Rhino.
Gets decimated by anything that can break its shields though…

I definitely hope it does get a small buff in health.


that’s awesome! I like when people use particular creatures in pvp, it makes the arena different and more enjoyable

Cheese? Where? Also I’m currently building Majung as well. Any tips on how to use it?

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