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Passive Move Idea: Breach Immunity

With the over abundance of immunities lately and their buffs, I had an interesting idea: what if a select few creatures had a passive ability that negated immunity when they were in play?

I don’t think existing creatures should have this, but new ones we get in a future patch. Unless they have a new family overhaul in mind like the ceratopsians.

Here’s how I imagine it would work. Whenever a breach creature is in play against an immune, it is breached immediately before any moves are used and can be bled, distracted, stunned, slowed, or made vulnerable on the first turn. This would also work against animals and hybrids that have partial immunities. If it is KO’d then Immunity is restored to the enemy. If you swap out the Immunity is restored. I think it’d be too OP to use it for set ups like that personally.

Would you want Breach as a passive in the game?

  • Yes
  • No

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If you do want this ability in the game, do you think it’d be better as a move, or passive?

  • Move
  • Passive

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How do you think this would impact the meta if a very small selection of creatures could use this?

  • Positively
  • Negatively
  • I doubt it’d change much

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That kind of defeats the meaning of Immunity, doesn’t it? :thinking:


That would be the purpose yes. I feel like it would add a more tactical nature to the game. It would probably be bad though if there were more than just a few in the game

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I think that would complicate things too much… There are some immune creatures that would utterly suck if their immunity was “breached”, as the Indo evasion nerf showed us quite well… It needed the immunity so it could become relevant again… Same would happen to Erlido and Magna, probably. They are still vulnerable even with immunity


I was thinking about an ability like poison or something. When a dino with this ability attacked by non immune dino then attacker 0.25 or 0.3 of max HP health decrease.

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So nobody wants this changes; nothing in the game is good for the community