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Patch didn't fix Ranger

So I’m mostly lvl 11 in epic and legendary gear. Had only a few pvp matches since the patch.

Vs lvl 11 Ranger… Whole Team one shotted first round.

How has this not been fixed yet.

Actually the patch did fix the original 1 hit from legendary bow. What you experienced is most likely the bracelet that procs and attacks twice. Since bots are geared to the T with legendary items you most likely couldn’t survive the damage. As for the bug the big difference was that it killed you no matter how much AC/Health you had. I didnt experience that since the patch so that’s why I’m suggesting that it’s fixed…

1 shotting the entire other team on turn 1 still needs to be fixed, no matter what cause.


And wiped by a ranger again.

So stupid

Doesn’t seem to be that item since you can be wiped on a trigger from counter attack.

Several characters with Legendary items (some epic) can 1 shot the opposite team. What you are now experiencing is normal not the bug that he used to have