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[Patch] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 1.44.6

Hello Fellow Dinosaur Trainers.

A patch for update 44 is now rolling out on your respective app stores.

This patch fixes the event bug so that closing your game will not reset your progress anymore.

Also of note if you now use the VIP instant fuse to create a new creature, you will receive the unlock. However, you will not see a pop-up and your dinosaur may go to the instant repository before you can place it.

Thank you


Thanks @Keith but what about the bugs in the raptor paddock?

If I buy more than 2mods in the paddock, the game crashes

I am sorry to hear that purchasing mods crashes your game, if you haven’t already can you write to Include as much details as possible,

Thank you

Thanks @Keith I just did the new update and I did one of the events again and closed the game and went back in looks like the update worked the event didn’t come back


I can confirm the reset is fixed as well. My VIP event stayed finished.

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Never Support At This Time 1.44.4

with the events now being patched, will COT be extended at all for lvl 60s that did not get the free unlock?
I do not want to sound whiney about not getting it for free, I am more than willing to battle for it, but I know there was talk that the COT would be cut short for segno? Thanks!

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