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Patch notes in an hour?

so according to the 1.5 release, first we had teasers, than one week later we had the notes and then we get the update. so ludia-day starts about an hour later and should we expect the patch notes by then?

So the complaints will start in an hour and 5 minutes … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Arent’ they released on friday usually?

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Im guessing Friday with the patch next wednesday?

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I dont expect them before the end of the tournament, that would give you info on whats safe to level.


usually patch notes are on friday and the next tuesday comes the update. Season 5 is over next monday so it fits perfectly


That makes sense for sure

I don’t think there are any more events in the data mine after this week tho. I think we might need an update before next Monday unless we have a repeated event week.


oh, but they started the day the game was released, pqc.

It’s very unlikely they will release the patch note today. They want us to level up dinos as much as we can. That’s also the purpose of this current tounrament. If they release the note, ppl will know what will be nerfed and buffed and it will hurt Ludia’s profit. For them, it’s just business not about our players.

My guess is: it will be released on Friday or saturday along with the maintenance notice on Monday which will be scheduled after the tournament.


You bet! lol

I’m holding on levelling up. So I may have to camp the tournament if I struggle to keep my current prize position.