[Patch Notes] Jurassic World Alive | GPlay Version (1.4.23)

Hello fellow DPG members,

A new version is Alive in the Google Play store with the following bug fixes!

  • Improved touch detection on Event Supply Drop with pterosaurs above.
  • Improved network connection stability.
  • Improvement in drone making the play area larger to reduce the chances of creature escaping.
  • Improved geo-positioning detection in certain situations.
  • Improved map loading for certain brands of phones.
  • And more minor text changes.

Note: We expect version 1.4.23 available on the iOS App Store early next week.


More pterosaurs to come? :roll_eyes: It’s good if we can turn drops now :grin:

That was unexpected but very nice :heart_eyes:


These are all good fixes, but I think I’m more interested in finding out would there be any nerfing of dinos going on, really hope not


No news on AI stunning bug, or damage previews then?

Well at least you’ve worked on the supply drops blocked by pterosaurs.


Yay, Pteras are fixed :slight_smile:


Thank you.

I see 6 items of which 5 start with “improve”!!!

Truly appreciate your efforts to fix these issues in game. Thank you again for your diligence!

There will be nay sayers I’m sure. That whole “you gave me a bucket of gold… but where’s the handle?” Is bound to happen here. But there are many of us who appreciate all you have done and continue to do for the improvement of the game. Thanks once more.


what about the incorrect damage check in battle?


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How about correcting the social tab so I can see my friends and request ppl to battle and see recent opponents!!! This is all I see


How about correcting the still unfair battles…

The battle glitches
Winning a battle but it says lost

Adding a payment confirmation button
Taking bots with duplicate dinos out the tournament
Fixing the friends screen
The list goes on…


How about fixing scent capsules? Had an Epic turned into a Rare today after I clicked on a non-scent spawn dino next to it.


The problem is you are too rich! We guys are intimidated by beautiful rich girls! :wave::wave::confetti_ball::confetti_ball:

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Thank you. Some good QOL improvements!

I bought a lot of the level up offers, that’s the only reason I have that much cash, but thank u for the compliment :blush:

Well done, these are all good.

So… how about dinos hidden by strike towers issue?
Is this even in your mind?:thinking:

What about damage calculator?
Do we still have to play with calculator?!

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It still shows incorrect damage. Even if opponent dino doesn’t have any armor or shield. :angry:


Improved? Today its worse. I keep on getting disconnected and it has absolutely nothing to do with my internet.

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Thanks for patching some of the most annoying bugs. How about the incorrect speed indicator?


How about the tournaments against NPC’s? During choosing the attacks, it uses its full 280 seconds without making a choise. It happens 2/3 times during the match, and I just lost against the level 30 I-Rex. Not because he killed my dino, but just random lost during the match. Fix it! Didn’t get a whole lot of money because of it ! Picture I’ve added is from a week ago, today it happend again Screenshot_20181007-194836_JW%20Alive|281x500