[Patch Notes] Jurassic World Alive | New Version (1.2.22)


Version 1.2.22
This update resolves the issue encountered on the daily Special Events. Now players will encounter both Special Event Supply Drops and regular Supply Drops simultaneously. This also means that starting tomorrow (Tuesday, June 12th) at 10 am EDT, the daily Special Events will return to their 24-hour rotation.

Thank you for your feedback and keep it coming!


Great news, thanks for fixing this issue so events are even better!


I did not understand what this update is for and why people complain :thinking:


Only 12h timer; for example in my time zone event is from 4pm to 4am so… Thats do able if you have spare time after work. In certain other time zones the event ran from 9pm to 9am for example. In this case it is almost impossible to participate in the event. In my region a park has an open and close time; after 7pm the park closes and only opens at 8am the next morning.

Other regions seem to be entirely surrounded by green park areas which means they couldn’t play regularily anymore. You can only catch event dinosaurs at supply drops; others spawn very randomly (at least thats what i noticed). In other words; certain players couldn’t play at all or catch very random dinosaurs unlike most; but certainly players did miss out on dinosaurs deu to bad time zones / IRL stuff as well.

Thats what this patch solves both. Great work devs and keep it up!


So the players complain about having too much special refueling point ?


Maybe try to make the max rare 6 so it goes 3,6,12 instead of 3,3,12


Elliot, previously having the event spawn point disables other dinos spawning at thst point. Once you’re done with your event catch (which is limited to 3 epic, 3 rare or 12 common) you end up seeing the event Dino for the rest of the 24 hrs you have left. That was the main gripe and that was fixed thanks Ludia.


Ah OK thank you
but they can not put more event point? I am in my village and I can not participate in the event :cry:


Thats not ludia’s fault but Google maps. Google maps is not accurate enough to implement such event features because a lot of parks are missing which google maps did not take in. Even submitting your own legitimate parks areas doesn’t work properly; tried to add 2 but both got declined.

I highly suggest ludia to take a look at openstreetmap. This is far more accurate and contains various amounts of terrain which can include special terrain dinosaurs, for example (forest, farm land,… You name it). Pogo also used to utilise google maps; but changed to openstreetmap afterwards which imo is stunning and far more detailed than before. Check out openstreetmap.org to see it for yourself. Now it isn’t always better; certain are are still not having enough parks (or other terrains) but thats where we and / or ludia can come in. Create your own ‘map tool’ so players can submit missing areas, for example. Exactly the concept of openstreet but just for this game.

In-game example; google maps -> opensteeetmap



Just had a match where no icons loaded. All attacks looked the same, couldn’t see health, couldn’t see how much damage was being dealt, couldn’t see what dinos were on my team unless I held down on their blank icon. I ultimately lost because of these, but the game never ended. The last defeat token was not awarded and I was never taken to a defeat screen. It’s actually still stuck on the shot of my opponent’s pyrotaptor. Here are pics of the start and the end of the game:


I wish you would not force the updates to be used right away. It happened already twice in a week that the game forced me to download an update while playing on the street. And updates are huge, even over 100MB. I have a finite 2GB monthly data plan, I’d prefer to download updates at home, over Wifi, not over mobile data. DO NOT FORCE the updates, please!


Can’t you disable automatic updates? Or at least configure your phone so that it downloads updates only when using wifi


Yes; if you go to the playstore, configurations, you should see 2 lines at the top ( 3 & 4th i believe).

If you configure both to ‘wifi’ only it should download updates only when wifi is used, never when you’re using 4G.


@FlowersCata, @Freds00n A forced update means they have to use their mobile data when out on the street or walk home to use their Wi-Fi to update before being able to continue playing.