[Patch Notes] Jurassic World Alive | New Version (1.2.26)



  • 1.2.26 on iOS
  • 1.2.29 on Android

This small update includes:

  • Support for Japanese and Russian languages
  • Improved error messages to better troubleshoot player issues
  • Stability optimizations and various minor bug fixes



Jorge Can i talk with you private about something?


My phone is Android, but I still have version 1.2.22, not 1.2.29. The Google play store shows no updates available. Why am I not up to date?


I can’t play since i’ve updated my game. ALL the words has gone and the buttons are empty


Add please an option to switch game’s language. Russian is soooo bad, that everyone laughs at you. You’ve translated it with Google.translate, haven’t you?

I want to switch this detesting localisation back to english. You’d better fix major bugs and make some useful changes instead of this.


Thank you for letting us know that the Russian language is not up to your expectations. We take the translations very seriously and will open an investigation to make things right. Can you please contact our support team at support+forums@ludia.com with examples of poor translations to help us improve them?

Appreciate the help! :grin:


Only notice change I can see is they removed the numbers of dino in collection, used to say 76/101 And now there is nothing.


How to change language in the game?

The russian translation is terrible!
Please set it back to english!!!


Plz add moore Event drops to small parks… And also add parks (or town squares would be awesome) to places where they are in reality!!! My town has 2 and in game 0!!! I’m not going every day 30kms to nearest park! EVENT DROPS SUCKSSSSS!!!


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yeah dude but alls have android 7, or better can´t use it, because dont have the buton, ludia do 500 updates and not implement it, this is the question dude ! only it !


Hey, for some reason I can not open my market so my darat supply is running low. Every time i tried to go there the app crashed. Please help.


I have a issue where when I battle it will either lag me out but still have me in the match and still have me fighting which I would mainly lose, also I think it’s really unfair that I keep getting matched with people who have higher lvl dinos than me because its going to me I lose a majority of the time like for example, I have a velociraptor that is lvl 16 and I get matched with a velociraptor that is lvl 18, both velociraptors have the same speed but the higher lvl ones always go first and it kills my raptor and then wipes the floor with my other dinos because of its speed and power. It’s not just Raptors, it’s all higher lvl dinos. I think it should be who has faster speed and if the speed is the same it should be chosen like a coin flip or something like that. Also a couple days ago I was able to run 2 battle incubators at the same time and now I cant. So was it a glitch?