[Patch Notes] Jurassic World Alive | New Version (1.7.36)

Hello fellow DPG members,

A new version is Alive in the store with the following bug fixes:

  • Freezes occurring after a victory in Tournament battles.
  • Creatures and other visual assets appearing pink or missing altogether on some Android devices.

We’ve also cleared memory to help improve the stability on devices with 1GB RAM on iOS and 1.5GB RAM on Android.


Thank you!

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Thank you for listening to us Ludia. :clap:t2:


Thanks. :smile:

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Was hoping for an update regarding the latest exploiters. :frowning:


*shhh!! careful. you’ll rile up the self appointed complaint police! lol



Tch, I’m not afraid of them.

What you need to do is fix the battle system, where people on Facebook are bragging how they have level 1-6s on their team with a 8/8/6 boosted lvl 30 Mira to wipe low level teams… That takes away the fun of the game and if I was just starting out it would make me want to quit!


nice. now waiting for next update, to fix remaining 3000 bugs.


As someone who has played for less than a month, I don’t hold Ludia to blame for behavior like this. When I see my wife fighting super-boosted commons fighting in Mt. Sibo, I tell her, “Look… here’s another guy who has no life.” It reflects on the player and not the company.


Hey Mitch.

You’re wrong.

But thanks for input.


Mt sibo. Lol

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Yea but they need to fix it to where this stuff doesn’t happen.

Tell her, not me.

She asked me this morning what the box around the level meant. I took a look and someone had boosted a Velociraptor and Delta and that’s who she was fighting in Mt. Sibo. (She hasn’t battled much and prefers collecting dinos.)

So, as far as being “wrong”.

  1. She’s a new player.
  2. She ran into boosted opponents.
  3. She’s still playing.
  4. She blames the doofus who spent boosts on a pair of level 14s in Sibo, and not Ludia.

…but thanks for your opinion.


Why not fixing instant invincibility vs xxx and run bug

I know who you’re talking about too :joy: but to be fair you could easily have obtained the same thing if you’d used your boosts on it too so stop complaining.

I’m not complaining for me… My dinos are fine and I’m prolly 1k trophies or more above him. It’s cheap how he’s playing, he’s preying on low level teams with a Dino that would be night unbeatable at those levels. It’s no different than arena dropping that Ludia said they were against. He spent all of his boosts in 1 dinosaur and then whined that he couldn’t beat dinos his level bc he put all of his eggs in 1 basket… So now he’s taking that one over boosted dino and making it unfun for lower level players trying to climb ranks…

What level players do you think I’m playing against? You think I’m going up against level 5 dinosaurs that are just starting out?? I think you completely misunderstood. My opponents are level 20+ legendaries and uniques. Hardly people just starting out. If it did put me against actual low level players, I wouldn’t be doing it. All this strat does is keep me just under the level of the super boosted Thors that have taken the game over at the higher arenas.

I’ll let everyone else beta test these fixes for a few days first. LOL

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