[Patch Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Worldwide Release (1.2.16)


New Territories

  • The game is being released in additional territories in preparation for the worldwide release
  • Check your App Store and Google Play to find out if you’re eligible to play

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the “timed out” sessions in Battle Arena
  • Fixed the whited out bug in Battle Arena which prevented you from using certain dinosaur ability
  • Improved dinosaur spawn rates
  • Improved game performance and optimization
  • Other minor bug fixes

Battle Arena Leaderboard

  • Our team is looking for a solution to deal with cheaters. More information to come!
  • In order to load more entries on the Leaderboard, which shows up to 500 players, pull the list up, hold and then release.

Pre-registration Gift

  • Available in your game mailbox on May 30th!


Edit: problems resolved themselves!


Hey any chanvlce you can tell us the new territories it is available in? I want to do a vid on my channel.


Hey any chance you can tell us the new territories it is available in? I want to do a vid on my channel.


Hey dudes uhm idk if this is supposed to happen but i just caught this one in the new update; heads up hybrids incoming!!! (See at the bottom for the picture) Gotta love the new spawn rates wow so many dinosaurs! Imo maybe a bit too many rares+? One hour bike tour around my neighbourhood got me at least 10 rares and even 2 epics ; which includes the hybrid. I mean imo rares should spawn decently since there still are epics, legendaries, uniques,… So i think its OK if you actually play on a regular basis; so you will gain loads of rares+. Just not too many elites+ i hope; the game still needs to remain challenging but we’ll see in the next following days!

I still somewhat miss certain dinosaurs like the longnecks but im not sure if they will ever spawn here in my region (those counter therapods hard). I hope they will change dino nests from time to time like in PoGo; where every week or so something else spawns a lot. Rewards active play and is refreshing; seeing something new!

Thanks for the update; so far so good! :wink:

I do have to add this; while thid update added optimization im only experiencing the complete opposite? While my game worked perfectly fine i see myself loading EVERYWHERE. Every dinosaur loads for numerous seconds, even a minute or two. Battles are loading forever; literally got my 10th timed out screen simply because loading just takes forever. Quite strange; pre-update this worked perfectly fine. The only big difference i see is the startup loading screen loading significantly faster. I hope this changes once everything loaded multiple times but im slightly worried right now. Especially since i own the new nokia 6.1 which released 2 months ago and has one of the best midrange processors in it… Which makes me highly doubt my phone is actually the problem? Already loaded dinosaurs seem to load just fine for now so hopefully this is just temporary!


“Matchmaking duration max: wait time extended from 15 to 30s to increase chances of finding an opponent.”

This update is no longer working as we’re now battling against bots within moments of hitting the battle button.
It was by far the best update in the worldwide release imo as it allowed us to battle other people and play strategically rather than coming up against bot teams designed intentionally to be way out of our league.


I hope Carno, Dracorex, Conca and Onyx are available in this update. They won’t spawn!!


Hi, this stegoceratops is actually just an epic dino. Epic dinos do spawn in the wild. So this dino is on the same level as any other epic one. What would be amazing would be to see a legendary (red) or unique (green) dino in the wild.


Ye but i also caught a postimetrodon which both are hybdrids and i wasn’t aware those were available in the open world! Other then that i disagree to put legendaries and uniques in the open world just to keep them rare. Either create a system with raid passes like in PoGo which allows you to catch them somewhere at a given time and being able to make them just like hybrids; the current system. Legendaries and uniques should be something you have to work towards; not a wild grab like all the others imo.


Its not on iPhone in usa


the game sometimes lags when the map loads up, the dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures don’t seem to spawn all that much and playing the game drains my phones battery really quickly


When this game be available in Korea?

(please… I want answers…)


Having trouble with my batteries. The patch said they were no longer required to launch the drones but still won’t launch because of empty batteries. Even when the dinos and supply drops are literally right in front of me.


Our team is looking for a solution to deal with cheaters. More information to come!

I hope your next patch talks about this issue.


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