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Patch notes will probably be released on sunday


Just checked last patch note release and it was on a sunday. Nov 18th. That means you are guessing what to level up or this this tournanment on the last minute. :smiley:


Not true, it was on a Friday and it will be again.


You sure? It said nov 18th on 1.5.23 patch notes


1.5.23 is a revision to 1.5 that I’m not sure was released quite then either , but yes, I am sure.


It was on friday november 16th, cause I shared notes to local player on discord.

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If we get the update next week. May be they will bring it later.


I don’t know when they will be released but I can promise it will be a weekday not a weekend.


Is it your birthday J.C ? I see a cake next to your name.


No, that’s top secret don’t need you guys knowing how old I am.

It’s the anniversary of me joining this forum and the forums birthday! They happen to be the same day.


Told you guys it would be this Friday … :wink:


Highly doubt they will release any notes/patch prior to tournament rewards being handed off first. Not this Friday, but the next.


We will see who is correct. lol


It is on like Donkey Kong


The patch notes will be released on friday, the update will probably be on monday.


so did I lol


If thats true we can most likely look forward to no event dinos next week. If we go by what pocemon said a few weeks ago there are no more events in the apk in order to have an events there would need to be an apk update.

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I am going under the assumption Ludia doesn’t want the given rewards (incubators) to have new DNA off of old tournament. I could be wrong though :slight_smile:


I so hope the notes are Friday :smiley:


Too long of a wait when ever it gets released. Almost two months?
I wonder if Ludia is working with Rock star Gaming since they’ve not given Red Dead 2 a proper update in about the same time frame.


Almost 3 months without updates

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