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Patch notes

Will there be Patch notes today?

According to @MINMI there will be. No clue how he knows though.

GP did an article on it with information directly from Ludia a few days ago that they were given permission to share. Dates and whatnot are subject to change, but they did state that patch notes are at least planned for today with the update coming next week

Yes, as @ceekreegz0718 stated, the patch notes are scheduled to be released today. However, they aren’t 100% guaranteed to be released today. They may be released at a later date, if necessary. We’ll just have to wait and see, I suppose.

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The excitement and impatience is real! I wanna learn about these flock creatures :star_struck:


For sure! I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what this update will bring to the game. :grinning:

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Patch notes have sometimes come mid afternoon.

That gonna be 1 am for me

Just wait, a few hours aren’t gonna hurt

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Will tiene be a notes todas?


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which is your country?