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[Patch] Warriors of Waterdeep | 2.14.5

Hello Adventurers,

A new patch is available in your respective app stores.
This patch fixes the events that couldn’t be accessed and restores their displayed text.

As we know that this issue has affected the community,
we’ll be sending an Ornate Story Chest to all players via in-game mail!

We’re also aware that players who attempted to enter the Return to Forestfall event have been charged the entry fee, despite the event not functioning.

Thus, we’ll also refund Gems to players who have been affected by this bug and haven’t contacted Support for a refund yet, via in-game mail.

Lastly, our team is aware of other issues and is currently investigating the matters.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience as we’re working on fixing these other bugs.

The Warriors of Waterdeep team


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icon-twitter2 Twitter: @WOWaterdeep

icon-instagram2 Instagram: warriorsofwaterdeep

icon-youtube2 YouTube: Warriors of Waterdeep

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The only problem is that the renown level of the chest is super low. I’m lvl 30 and looted 700 coins and 150ish cards…

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Is there any chance of getting the return event added to the calendar?

A purple chest is all well and good, but not much next to two runs through the event.

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Well opening the training event and the stuff you sent out was awesome. Thanks


When I saw that purple and gold ornate chest i though maybe there was a chance that ludia had decided to start treating their customers with respect. However I was quickly brought back to reality when i saw it was 1/10 the value of a regular ornate chest. Please tell us was this yet another glitch or was this pathetic attempt at compensation deliberate?

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This is not the first time they act like this. During one of the first “returns” there was a glitch which prevented you to collect some prizes. In my case it was the PURPLE chest. I had to open 3 tickets to be heard and the compensation was a purple chest like this one (very low renown level) while I was already level 30. After about 10 complains messages I was “rewarded” with another very low purple chest. In total, the 2 purple chests togheter had like 1/5 of the normal loot I was supposed to receive. And that after +10 messages for a glitch which only fault was on Ludia.