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Patchnote inconsistencies. Please confirm

  1. The patchnotes state that Scapotator is an epic, but the image says it’s a legendary. Which is it ?

  2. Can we have confirmation that Erlikogamma really is made out of Charlie? I have serious doubts. For one, Erlikogamma has Rampage and Run, while DELTA is the one with a running move, not Charlie. Furthermore, Gamma and Delta are both greek letters, and yet Gamma uses Charlie. Too many things aren’t adding up. Can we please have confirmatiom?

  1. It will be a legendary that fuses like an epic for the first 2 hours so get your multi fusing ready.

2.they probably ment for it to be delta… but the intern messed up and used charlie instead and they just rolled with it.


It’s unlikely to be Delta as that is also for the Allo hybrid, unless they got the two raptors the wrong way round.

Hold on a second, I never thought of that. It does seem like they got the raptors mixed up, since Delta not only has a hit-and-run move, but is the one with 131 speed. Erlikogamma is supposed to have “extreme speed”, so it would make sense if it was a Delta hybrid, what with Rampage and Run and all.
As for Charlie, it’s the slower, heavy offense raptor, so it makes sense its hybrid would be Alloraptor, considering it gets Definite Impact, Pounce and Rending Takedown.


We will have to see when the notes come out.


I’d recommend no-one levels up Charlie and Delta before the patch is released or it’s clarified on here, at least not beyond lvl 10.


Both are already 15 personally…

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Had Delta already lvl 15. Charlie is still lvl 10. Scaphognathus an Diplotator will wait on lvl 10, until we see if hybrid is epic or legendary.

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Some good questions there. About the name, maybe it’s because “gamma” is the third letter of the greek alphabet and “Charlie” is the third one of NATO’s phonetic alphabet.


Yep that’s exactly where mine are lol. This is funny too because everyone I know preferred Charlie.

Well thwy give good reason that Delta is used in Alloraptor, it’s why it has swap prevention immunity. It would make more sense if it was for Gamma though because moves and speed. What if they secretly both use Delta…

Personally I want Alloraptor to use Delta, but that’s just because I have double the Delta than Charlie


same. i got like 8K delata saved up. I’m excited for alloraptor.


Anyone out there that can answer these?

Not on a sunday… just mods and they most likely dont know the answer either.

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The Delta one seems safe since they said in the notes it has swap prevention immunity because of her mobility I.e. Impact and run

I haven’t leveled diplotato or scaph past 10 yet since it’s too difficult to determine which is true lol. I guess it’s more reliable to trust the artwork

Safest to see when the patch is live


True regarding Delta, but while that was mentioned with respect to Alloraptor, both hybrids actually have Immunity to swap-prevention.
This makes sense on Erlikogamma (Rampage & Run), but Alloraptor being Immune to swap-prevention is kinda weird. It’s not the fastest, has low health, not amazing first-turn damage and no auto-swap move, so how would that help? Besides, it’s already Immune to Deceleration, and while it could have two partial Immunities, something seems off.

Hey everyone, sorry for the confusion - I can confirm a couple things:

  1. Scaphotator’s rarity will be EPIC, and not Legendary.
  2. Erlikogamma will use Charlie DNA and not Delta.

I hope this clears things up!


thanks for the clarification.

Thanks a lot :grin:. I’m really glad that the new “Tator" is epic, that’s what it should be.

Thank you very much!