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Pathetic 50% luck on combats


It’s frustrating the oponent wins just because luck. It’s not fair at all. Please do simething for combats to be really intelligence, not luck. It’s pathetic right now, so frustrating.


Same here its confusing battle systems and its sucks and you always supposed to beat the pro in the game combats


There are a good number of threads on here with advice for the combat arena. My two cents? Remember the two Cs.

C1: Counting. Learn the multipliers. 1 hit = 1x damage; 2 hits = 2.4x damage; 3 hits = 4x damage; 4 hits = 6x damage; 5 hits = 9x damage; 6 hits = 12x damage; 7 hits = 15x damage; 8 hits = 20x damage. My first dino is almost always a meatshield. Accumulate reserve points as much as you can. Get ahead in the count. And count how many action points the opponent has. For example: my opponent has 5 hits. They use 4 to take out my first dino. I have 6 action points. I know (by using the multipliers) that I need to land 3 hits to take out my opponents. So I use 4 hits and use the last two for reserve or block. The opponent often also counts how many points you have left unused, and if it can take out your dino with its hits, it will.

C2: Classes. Learn your class. If my opponent is starting with an amphibian, I might move to a pterosaur so I can get the class advantage. I will either have the advantage, or my opponent will waste one action point switching out dinos. Once I see my opponent’s roster, I pay attention to which dino is coming up next. Example: if my opponent has a carnivore, and I have an amphibian second in my roster, I might let my meatshield die because I know my amphibian is next, and the amphibian will easily take out the carnivore with only two hits, leaving me with potentially 6 action points; plenty for block and reserve.

The two Cs: counting and classes. Very helpful for me. I hope it helps both of you. Good luck. You can’t win every matchup (especially in tournaments, where the computer will eventually and inevitably way out-muscle you), but you can win most of them.

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See my write up here… The PvP system is bad and confusing

You need to study the pattern of your opponent and understand you are battling a computer bot every time which means you can figure out how to beat it. If you are talking about a tournament battle and you are getting way outclassed in your match ups it means there are folks with way stronger Dino’s ahead of you for the level of the tournament you are battling at. As you go up each tier (hunter, predator, dominator…) and as you progress through each tier 100-90-80-70-60…-10-1 the match ups get harder. If you are not increasing your creature strength going into battle to be within an appropriate range of the tier and level within the tier the game will punish you with an extremely hard if not impossible match up to let you know you are out of your league with the creatures you have selected. The trick is to pick creatures that are not to high as to not waste them on easy match ups and not pick to weak of creatures where you are wasting your Dino bucks since you will be blown out of the water.


@Jesus_Nuevo Need to limit your profanity otherwise your posts will not be able to be seen by people. Can you post your match up with a screen shot? For those that are unhappy with the match ups you are getting in battle please post screen shots so that the community on the forum can attempt to help you. Please do not just post that you should win every time or that because you lost once you should win the the next. This is not the way the game works nor would we (the community) want it to work this way. Please read through the forums to gain knowledge about how the game operates and when you post try to include as much information as possible so that those of us that actively try to help on the forums will have the information we need to help.


As a followup to Sionsith’s earlier write up about tournament fighting, there is a flipside to it. The computer awards victory points based on the difficulty of the match. The most I’ve ever received is 40 points and the least is 20. If you’re going through tournament matches, and winning, and are not receiving between 35 and 40 points per victory, adjust your creatures down.


@Andy_wan_kenobi absolutely I try to keep my points awarded to 30-34 which seems to be the sweet spot for easier wins for guaranteed points. Every now and then I get a nail bitter that ends up with 36-38 points. This lets me know I need to increase my teams strength a bit more than I usually do for my next match up.


Another comment on my counting advice: use the multiplier info to figure out how many hits you can take from your opponent and still live. For instance, if I know my dino will die with 4x the damage of my opponent, than I will be sure to put on enough blocks so that the max my opponent can land is two (assuming I want to keep my dino alive). So count, count, count!


One again right today. Five times fails my attacks, because there is no historic (50% every time). It’s so frustrating! I’m really ungry! Stop this ludia! Do somethig! Please, improve your app. It’s not fair. It’s a shame how it’s working your app right now on combats.


I’m not sure what you mean by “there is no historic.” Maybe if you clarify, we could give further help?


I mean do not amways decide randomly (like When you flip a coin). App should evaluate possibilities that each player has of wining/loosing on combat, taking into account what has previosly happened, to establush New possibilities in the next movement on combat.

Anothe thing: I’m sick of to make a “critica” on my final blow (when I don’t need it) and have no critica in crucial moments, When a crítica can be relevante for the final result of the combat.

Please note I’m Spanish. I’m speaking English hopping everyone understand me, although there may be some mistakes on traslation (sorry).


You are also in the wrong forum I believe. There are no critical hits in Jurassic World the Game. There are these moves in Jurassic World Alive. However that is a different forum.