So instead of adding features to improve the alliance management you took the only measurable tool (trophy count) away?? We have two rules: 1 requesting means donating (not to be measured at all) 2 finish your daily battle incubator before requesting. This is only measurable if you keep a close eye on the amount of daily’s collected (alliance missions) accompanied by the trophy count of the requesting member… now they’re all 0,00.

Instead you delivered sanctuaries something NOBODY asked for!! Why?? Because if that’s what they wanted they’re playing Jurassic World The Game already where it’s free to pet your pet!!

You nerved dodge, a skill nobody cared enough about to use dodge countering creatures (according to your own release notes)

You nerved creatures nobody could get to and buffed creatures nobody needs

On top of all this

  • you announced to pull the friendly battle out of the daily missions, yet it’s still there
  • You nerved critical but it doesn’t do much for the creatures that are boosted beyond imagination
  • You declared to have pulled the boosts from the people taking advantage of the unlimited sale, yet the one who posted the video on it to make you pull the boosts from the store still has them all!
  • Matchmaking is as screwed up as it has always been
  • Boosts are still here even though the majority of this forum voted to pull them out
  • alliance rewards are still the same!!
  • alliance is UNMANAGABLE
  • alliance chat still doesn’t work after battling

All together: it’s utterly PATHETIC how you handle the feedback and just keep on adding stuff that nobody wants without addressing the real issues.

Today was the first day I didn’t even care how many daily battle Incubators were brought in, or if all darted their 140 darts… don’t even care how much they feed, play or interact with their or other members’ creatures… I’m done caring. I hoped you would finally take us, your fans, your players, your customers seriously but apparently we’re just a good laugh to you all… so that’s it then. I don’t care anymore. And I’ll just go out and hunt some stuff, maybe play a battle or two and then I’m done. Not a single minute of my time will be put into managing our alliance or caring if we or I managed to get the daily’s… and if it takes long enough I’ll just long press and hit the cross. Job well done :+1:

trophy counts come back with seasons


That doesn’t help now does it? I know you can’t help this… really. I’m not mad at any of you mods having to deal with 100+ of these posts a day… but really … those pulling the strings should really get a “critical-swap-in-Defence-shattering-KICK”

We had a trophy when the game first came out in beta didnt we?

That was before any season

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Duly noted! I can emphasize with the frustration, truely.

Will let them know (minus the swap-in mention I think though)

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You can, I’ll take the ban gladly :wink:

Just my thoughts on a couple things you raised.

Nobody asked for it but the majority actually like them. The sanctuaries seem like a nice addition. They are also good for helping out fellow Alliance members.

Agreed. The Dodge nerf was not needed.

I think this is a bug that will probably be fixed shortly rather than an actual return. I could be wrong.

I’d say that it is working better under 1.8 than it did before. I for one, am getting consistent battles against fair teams.

Unfortunately I don’t think they are going to go away anytime soon.

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You may have your opinion, I have mine. Doesn’t address the base of my post: it’s utterly impossible to lead an alliance properly. That’s something ALL leaders have asked for since it was introduced… we’re 2 updates and 2 patches along the way and things only got worse instead of better

Absolutely @Poezzzie. I’m not putting down your opinion. Just raising discussion topics in return. :+1:

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