Patience is a virtue


So I know I’m one of the few truly dedicated to Suchotator and intend to have it as part of my main team regardless of how high I climb…but for the love of everything merciful in this world am I going to be frickin’ sick of darting Suchomimus by the end of it all.

And watch…there’ll probably be a hybrid for Suchotator just to rub it in! :joy:


Suchotator is not bad. I’m using it around 4300 cups at the same level as yours and it’s decent. It can beat (or at least have the chance to) quite a few main stream dinos if played correctly. It’s not as fragile as spinotasuchus (which often dies in two goes) against an overleveled stegod, at least it can get one bleed in.



I use mine in my main team he’s a beast if you use him right and against the right dinos.
Just takes sooooo dam long to fuse one.


I use mine all the time Tryk’s/Raja’s are toast when I match this guy up with them the bleed just melts them away.


I am not the only one!! :heart_eyes:

I still use her and I am happy to have her in my fab 4 fighting dinos, cause I am not able to level up other dinos with DoT.


I love my Suchotator!


Question on Lethal Wound… Couple actually…

I have never used it so sorry if these are idiotic questions. I can’t remember facing a Dino with it in battle either lately.

Does Lethal Wound go through shields at the full .33x?

Does it go through Invincibility? – I would think not, but just asking anyway.

Superior Strike would clear it on an opponent, but it has already done that .33 damage, correct? It would force them to do a Superior to avoid further damage and I could switch before they put up shields. Or they could switch to stop it.

Asking because it could be a solution to some problem issues. Suchotator has Superior Strike, Lethal Wound, Nullifying and Instant Cripple. It could fill a niche for me.

I have enough resources to figuratively get it to level 22, so figure on level 21 with my luck. That gives it 3339 HP and 783 damage. Level 22 is 3506/823. Speed of 116.

That makes it about 467,000 coins to max for my level 12 right now.

LOL… Just checked and I have 467,880 coins saved up! Doing this would solve my ‘what do I fuse next’ problem. I would not have any coins left to fuse anything for a while.

What are Her drawbacks/weaknesses that anyone has found?


@Wwwoodchuck yes bleed does 33% of max health through shields and invincibility so there is no stoping in the same turn you use it unless you went first and they chose superiority strike or a cleanse to clear it.
Swapping obviously works as well to remove it. But suchatator is strong over all with its move set just have to know you opponents Dino’s and plan things out. The hardest choice comes when you are faster then the opponent and they have a cleanse that they can use every turn then you need to get them to use it and slow you so you can apply the bleed Stegodeus is a good example can’t lead with bleed but if he thag’s Or superiority strikes then you bleed and he has to not hit you hard to remove it or suck up that second tick of the bleed.
Once bleed is on most Dino’s just instant cripple next turn let the bleed work then use impact or swap out and let bleed kill them.


Excellent, thank you.


My opinion:
I think Suchotator works best against Rajaky and co. - those dinos without superiority strike ability. Stegod is not advisable. Went up couple of times against it with my Stegod. I think it stand no chance against Stegod - particularly those at a very high levels.

Besides, Stegod’s speed is lower than Suchotator’s. If you bleed them first, then, they can always cleanse immediately on their turn (unless your opponent did not predict your move - then you may get a round of bleeding - until it cleanses; most probably in the 2nd round).

Anyhows, it is a fine dino to be in your team. As you progresses, you’ll encounter lots of Rajaky and cos - tankers without cleansing ability - and Suchotator may become handy.


I suggest you to make few friendly battles so you can see her at lev 26 and figure out if she fits well with your team and if she worths the investment. :wink: My two cents, in my team she does great so she is currently in my team even if she has the rare box:


It does great against tragomistis though and not so shady against alanka as well.