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Patience, just patience

First something frustrating

But Sunday she will be mine. My first unique.:sweat_smile::joy:


She’s worth the wait :grin:

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Unless you dart 2 … :wink:


Thank you for your confidence in my dartingskills​:joy::joy::joy::joy::crazy_face:

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Im at 169-250🙄 what a pain to create him sooooo many 10dna and velos vanished from the map i will get there but its not soon im sure

You never know, I had a 40 fusion with indoraptor. :star_struck: That speed things up a lot. Maybe you have one too.

Indo’s actually a “he” :wink:

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Indo has definitely been a challenge to get the DNA. I’m at 221/250 getting one or two 10 fusions weekly it has been slow going. Hard part has been the high amounts of Velociraptor DNA needed. I’ll get there eventually…

For the Indoraptor why did they choose to fuse with Common velociraptor DNA instead of Blue’s DNA since that’s what they used in the movie? :smiley:

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That is something I’m curious about to, why not Blue? :thinking:

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This is strictly if iirc, which as tired as I am, I may not be atm…but, from what my memory is telling me…

Blue isn’t just an ordinary (otherwise) run-of-the-mill velociraptor, she’s rather unique. Wu wanted to use Blue to create Indoraptor, but since she was still on the island, he went ahead with the prototype shown in the movie. When Owen and Claire were sent to ‘rescue’ the dinos from the island, Blue was specifically pointed out as the one dinosaur above the others they truly wanted them to bring back.

Here’s where my memory potentially gets hazy…from what I remember, Wu specifically wanted Blue due to her intelligence, size, and since she was already trained to obey commands (mostly) with Indoraptor imprinting on her would make that easier. They never really explain why they suddenly don’t have Blue’s DNA record on file, but for whatever reason they don’t…and Wu gets really PO’d when he finds out she’s had a transfusion from a Trex.

There’s a lot of questions like that they really leave unanswered, but canonically I think that’s what we got. Assuming I’m remember Fallen Kingdom correctly lol

Since my memory tends to fail me (an unfortunate side effect of old age) I had to research it. Yes, you are correct that the Indoraptor did not contain Blue’s dna. It was basically the Indominus Rex but with more traits from additional velociraptor dna which made it smaller and more intelligent than its Indominus Rex parent, but it was also feral and untrainable to take human commands. That’s why Wu wanted to use Blue’s dna in the next Indoraptor hoping that her higher intelligence would cause the new Indoraptor to be more open to learning and responding directly to human commands. Of course that improved Indoraptor was never created.

Thank you for encouraging me to look into it.

I had that problem with suchotator… it’s annoying. I was one DNA off though… ouch

And she is here.


Well done!

Thank you, I’m proud of it. Now I’m gonna take a look what my next project wil be :sweat_smile:

I just darted an indo- got 19… I’ll have her soon…