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Pause Battle if Connection Issue (no move) and

you know this scenario: you start a battle and loose connection. what you get? a dino and maybe a battle lost. til you realize connection won’t stabilize again and relaunch app you are in serious danger after being shot 1, 2 or 3 times.

what about an “auto pause” option? if a player didn’t make move, or client app didn’t answer ping, the battle is paused and a countdown starts, waiting for connection establish again… if countdown ends, and player don’t connect again, the other wins anyway (or battle keeps going to the end). exploit avoided (a player stop move to avoid loosing).

maybe if move countdown reaches zero, battle is paused and game pops a question like netflix (are you there?), if not answered in about 5 secs, the final timer starts (maybe 40 seconds), then if not back to battle, opponent wins.

this should happen only once per battle (again, to avoid abuse).

sometimes i only need to restart jwa, but the battle don’t pause, then after a full minute restarting, i already lost a dino (and chances of battle itself).