Pay for a battle that never happened

I would like my $200 back please :triumph:

Smooth title

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I think you could reverse your title and content.:thinking:


Hey @julian7327, I’m sorry to hear that this has happened! I can only imagine how frustrating this must have made you feel. Please reach to our support team at in order to give us the opportunity to make things right. If you can remember to include your support key in the email we would really appreciate it!

Good luck with that. I accidentally hit that huge billboard of an evolve button and it cost me 50k coins.

I asked customer service multiple times for my 50k coins back and all I got was… crickets.

Even made a few posts about it here but they never helped me at all and I lost a weeks worth of coin grinding. I still want my 50k coins back.

Actually for this type of problem they do refund the 200 cash. I got mine back the one time it did something similar

Thanks. Good looking out. I never done this